MiLuna Aguilar Crowned Miss Woodlake 2019

By Emery Elder

The Miss Woodlake program is run by the Woodlake Chamber of Commerce and is a special program for the senior class girls who think they have what it takes to be the face of Woodlake.  The girls who participate in the program spend a lot of time fundraising by selling raffle tickets. Along with fundraising, they practice their talents, poise, and presence for the big night of the Miss Woodlake crowning.  This night consists of showing the community and judges who they really are by presenting themselves and their talents, and answering questions about the community and themselves. The girls are judged and given points for all of theses activities performed on that night.

This year’s Miss Woodlake program had the largest amount of participants of 11 girls:  Jocelyn Sanchez, Marcela Arambula, Emery Elder, Charlotte Lira, Alyssa Gonzalez, Lillian Ramirez, Marie Garcia, Jahaira Coa, Valeria Orozco, runner up Fabiola Soto, and Miss Woodlake 2019 – MiLuna Aguilar.  Woodlake High congratulates MiLuna on her big win!

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