The State of the Bathrooms

By Danielle Doria

Our campus has a bathroom problem.  The amount of privacy in our bathrooms is very limited. The girls restrooms have no locks and the holes where the handles should be are filled with paper in an attempt to allow more privacy.  Up until recently the boys restrooms had no doors whatsoever, and gave no privacy at all.  For someone using the larger restroom it is especially hard because their is no way of holding the door closed yourself, and someone would not know if you are in there unless they call out.

Teens go through many changes in their bodies throughout high school and need more privacy in this time in their life more then ever.  Students shouldn’t have to worry about someone walking in on them while they are trying to use the restroom, or have to worry about holding the door with their feet so they aren’t interrupted.  As a respectful plea to our school, we ask that our restrooms be moderately updated to allow for, at the very least, guaranteed privacy.

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