California No Longer In Drought

Nikole Kimble

California is finally out of a drought after 11 years. The last report of california having regular water levels was in 2007.There are some parts in California that still have low water levels, but most of Los Angeles and other parts of the state are drought free. But along with a lot of rain coming down, so are a lot of flash floods. The february rain storms have brought us to that. In California, their were many places wiping out the roadways and causing traffic. Recently in woodlake there was a road closed due to so much water. Mudslides are also a problem from all of the rain as well. Many places in not only california, but the United States have mudslide warnings. This is the most rainy spring that has yet to come due to climate change. Although many people are ecstatic to have water again, we may be receiving to much of it back.

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