Edith Guijon Elevated to Woodlake’s First Female State Officer Candidate

By Clarissa Elias

Woodlake FFA is proud to announce Woodlake’s first female California State Officer candidate Edith Guijon. Edith has been a passionate, hard working, motivated leader not only on campus but in this organization. From freshman year to senior, Edith has competed in multiple teams ranging from A.E.T. to Floral Judging. Along with her completions, Edith has served as not only a Chapter Office, but also a Section Officer and Region Officer. Edith has also managed to participate in school sports such as basketball. In a personal interview with Edith, she spoke to me about her journey and her motivation.

As a Freshman, did you ever think that you’d be selected to run for State Office your senior year?

“As a freshman I was embarrassed of my agricultural background which consisted of picking in the fields every summer with my grandparents. So generally speaking when I first walked into my ag class as a freshmen, my only goal was to drop the class. I hated speaking to people or in front of a crowd, I didn’t enjoy agriculture mostly because I didn’t know all the aspects of it. Four years ago I would have never imagined myself to be where I am, who I am, let alone to pass the first cut for state office.”

What has been your biggest motivation to run for State office?

“CTE programs are incredibly important and are never given enough credit. With that being said, Agriculture Education has given me skills and real life experiences I would have never been able to receive anywhere else. The most important thing FFA has taught me is being myself and embracing everything I have to offer. Society today paints this perfect picture of what we as young adults are supposed to be or what to look like and we fall into the trap. Because of FFA I have learned to break the mold, empower others, and become my own person. My motivation to serve the 89,000 member of California FFA has truly been that I have the power to teach students across California that they are important, they are perfect in their own ways, and being them is more than enough.”

We all would like to wish Edith the best of luck on her great endeavor. Woodlake High is rooting for you!

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