Spring Sports Update

By Pria Bun and Jocelyn Sanchez

This year Woodlake High has started of the second semester with spring sports.

Each sport from boys tennis and track to swimming, softball, and baseball fight for each win. Baseball as well as softball fight for wins and are determined to take league. Boy’s tennis is currently having a great season thus far, goodluck boys. Coaches are ready and determined to take a league win for this town. Swim has had a short season, and is doing very well with three points behind the opposing team every match.The six seniors on the team had been honored at their senior night very early in the season due to a short league. For all teams, seniors will be playing their last season of high school sports and as for our underclassmen, they have many more sports to look forward too.

We interviewed some athletes about how their season is thus far,

  • Robby Stevenson- Baseball

Q:In what ways do you feel your team has improved?

A:We have a lot more chemistry this year. I also feel like people physically matured over the year and naturally got stronger.

We interviewed some athletes about how their season is thus far,

  • Danielle Doria- Swim

Q: What have you done to change your times since the season began?

A:I guess at the beginning of the season I was focused more on butterfly and that is my main stroke, I started goals for myself to beat in each meet.

  • Joshua Benavidez – Track

Q:How have you enjoyed track?

A:It’s going pretty well but the first meet I feel in front of everyone and it was embarrassing. It’s been a lot harder since my freshman year, our coaches really push us harder to do better.

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