University Cheating Scandals

By Alfredo Estrada

Recently, a college cheating admission scandal involving students who were fraudulently admitted into prestigious schools nationwide has arose in the media.

Federal prosecutors charged 50 individuals nationwide within the alleged cheating scandal. Parents have been proven guilty of paying a college prep agency to take standardized exams or to correct solutions for students. The enterprise additionally bribed college coaches to illicitly assist students enrollment as recruited athletes regardless of their skills, most of the college students who enrolled as recruited athletes did not even play the game. Coaches from numerous colleges, inclusive of the University of Texas, University of Southern California and Stanford were implicated inside the alleged scheme.

The college admissions scheme hits many of us, mother and father, college students, instructors, and most importantly, high school students. For some, it is because it had made you feel less than at school. For others, it hits those that had to  sacrifice consecutive sleepless nights to get “A’s” on all your exams.

Lets see how some students feel about it:

Senior Marce Arambula says :

“It sucks because they’re privileged and most of us have to struggle on a daily basis to keep our grades up since we can’t financially afford it “out-of-pocket”, also I want to attend college for my future education and not to gain ‘party experience.’

Senior Jocelyn Sanchez says :

“…They for real think they could buy anything. The spot on the team roster was for an athlete that has worked all their life for  and for some rich parents kid to take it without any kind of experience in the sport is wrong on so many levels. As an athlete myself, this is very messed up.”

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