Upcoming Senior Events

By Alexandra Gonzalez & Isabella Franco

Seniors have a lot of fun activities heading their way, and the biggest one is Gradnite at Disneyland. Gradnite for seniors is on June 4th, and we will be going to Disneyland until the early hours of June 5th.. This will be such a fun event to go to, and other senior classes will also be there to celebrate. Gradnite is also held the week we graduate from high school, which makes graduation week more exciting. We asked some of our seniors if they’re going to Gradnite and how they feel about it.

As we ask Ciana Koo how she feels about Gradnite and if she’s attending, she responds with “Yes, I will be attending Gradnite and I can’t wait to meet new seniors.” As we ask Julian Duran how he feels about Gradnite and if he’s attending, he responds with “Yes, I can’t wait to go and I know it’s going to be fun.”

In other news about senior events, senior exit interview will be held on April 24th and on May 1st. Seniors who are graduating must do this interview. Scholarship night is on May 28th and our seniors will be awarded with scholarships they applied to. They probably will end up leaving with some of the scholarships they applied to. Seniors should really think about applying because it’s free money that they can use towards college.

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