Woodlake Program Helps Keep Local Students in School and Out of Trouble

By Anthony Torrez

A new program that the Woodlake Unified School District is offering helps keep kids off the streets and in school. The program is known as Juvenile Diversion program and it was approved and has been in use since last summer. Students who have committed a crime are given the opportunity to join the program and it ensures that any student who completes the program will have their first crime wiped clean from their record, but if they fall short of completion then they will continue to have their first offense on their record. The board meets with the student and their parents and they must sign a contract to be able to participate in the program. The students are interviewed by three board members and they are WHS vice principal, WVMS principal, and Woodlake Police Chief, after the beginning process they read books on how crime can impact their community and they have to complete community service activities that are designed to prevent the student from committing a crime again. At the first meeting, the student is read the charges that they have against them. Even if the student admits to the charge they are not entered into the juvenile record if the student chooses to participate in the program. If the student breaks any part of the contract, the original offense and the new offense will both be referred to Tulare County Probation. This program can help many students become a better version of themselves by informing them on the consequences their actions carry.  

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