About Megan’s Minions

By: Yarimel Barreto

Funny Minions

The Woodlake High School Journalism class of the 2015-2016 school year, is a group of twelve very unique students in Mrs. Inchcliff’s 1st period class. The class consists of nine seniors, one junior, and two freshman. Although Journalism was once a club, this year is the first year being offered as an official class. Not only that, it is also Mrs. Inchcliff’s first year taking over “Tiger Times”, with last year being her first year involved with the club. We are a group of diligent working students, trying to keep our campus informed on the newest, latest, and greatest with information about our school, community and society. We get the opportunity to interview students, teachers, attend events, photograph, and express our thoughts about what’s happening in and out of our school. The goal is to publish a paper monthly, either through print or on our new website.  I’m more than grateful that Mrs. Inchcliff took on this endeavor with us because she’s amazing, humorous and she gets it all done, all while being her very sarcastic self. Overall, I am proud to be one of Megan’s Minions and I’m sure we will continue to have a blast in our class, with a year filled with endless memories!

Acknowledgement of the Minion Staff:

Brenda Acosta (Sr.)

Alondra Aguilar (Sr.)

Marin Apodaca Ⅲ (Sr.)

Yarimel Barreto (Frosh)

Mixsari Barreto-Nieto (Jr.)

Caprice Bursiaga (Sr.)

Emery Elder (Frosh)

Sonni Hacobian (Sr.)

Jaime Jones (Sr.)

Jordan Lee (Sr.)

Isabel Lopez (Sr.)

Cynthia McDermott (Sr.)

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