Three Rivers Roping

By: Dylan Mills and Kassidy Hildebrand

This year is the 61st annual Lions Roping in Three Rivers California. This four day event is hosted by the Three Rivers Lions Club. In 1947, The Lions Club was established by Lee Maloy and his roping friends. With a true passion for roping, and help from others in the community, they formed this annual event. Locals from Three Rivers roping and I had a blast. There was great food, drinks, and overall a great time. We saw two of our students at WHS, Clayton and Callie Vincent. They did a great job. Unfortunately they did not win but a great try. If you could not make it this year going next year would be a huge recommendation. The Three Rivers Roping is a fun time.


Spring Sports


By Robby Stevenson and Jakob Bischoff


Student athletes have been trying their hardest this Spring. Whether it be baseball and softball or track and swimming everyone is giving it their all. The seasons aren’t over yet and every team still has a chance to make a name for themselves.

Baseball has a record of 10-8 overall and is 4-3 in league. Carlos Pena is leading the team in batting average with a very respectable .347. Manny Martinez has received five wins on the mound. JV baseball is 3 and 5. Catlin Mcmains is their main pitcher. Niko Bursiaga is playing catcher and doing very well at hitting. The team is made up of primarily freshmen, but all are hardworking and determined to win.

The softball team continues to work hard, they are currently 1-15. The leading hitters, Callie Vincent and Pria Bun have accomplished the same goal; they are both home run hitters. J.V. softball is 3-4 in league, which is giving the program some hope for the future.

Swimming is second in league and they have two valley qualifiers. Mason Smith and Lauren Little have both qualified for Valley that will be held on May 12. Mason is going to Valley to compete in two events:  the 100 butterfly and 50 freestyle, while Lauren is going for 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke.



Mexican Folk Dance

By: Isiah Maldonado and Jasmine Gomez

Mexican folk dance was believed to first be practiced in the early 1500’s. The dance is an uneven synthesis of different cultural traditions. It’s historical roots is the synthesis of indigenous, European and African cultural influences but it continues to evolves with influences from modern pop culture. The attire of the dancers is so beautiful the different contrast of the colors catch many of the viewer’s eyes leaving them amused, not only with the beautiful dance performed, but by their amazing outfits.

Here at Woodlake High School, Mexican Folk Dance is offered as an elective, in which many partake in to honor and learn about the heritage. One student here at Woodlake High School has a remarkable passion for Mexican Folk Dancing and you can tell by the way she talks about it and the way she dances. That student is Jackie Villapando; Ms. Villapando believes that dancing has made a tremendous change in her life by giving her a better insight about her culture and letting her get first hand experience with the many types of dances. She also states that, “It helps express myself”. We urge all students to try out something new like Mexican Folk Dancing, so the next time you’re choosing electives, think about this great opportunity of having the chance to learn about the Mexican culture.


Spring Dress Code- Do’s and Don’ts

By Jordan Price and Jacey Reisinger

Spring season is here! With the change of weather, there will be a change in the student’s outfits. Girls, make sure your shorts are long enough and your shirts are high enough at the top, no low cut shirts. Also make sure that your tank tops have thick straps, no shoulders and no razor backs. Boys, make sure your pants are pulled up and your underwear is not showing, also tank tops must be fitted around the armpits and cannot be low cut, no skin should be showing on the sides, on the back, or shoulders. Girls, If your bra straps are showing than that is not in dress code. All bra straps must not be showing in order to follow dress code. If students do not follow the dress code you will be representing your high school with a P.E shirt, so if that is not your desired outfit, be sure to follow this code.


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Senior Exit Interview

By: Alyssa Baker and Isabella Franco

On April 21st, and April 28th, all the seniors at Woodlake High School completed the stressful process of Senior Exit Interviews. The purpose behind the Senior Exit Interview is to help prepare the students gain some interviewing skills for future job or college interviews.  It also helps the students get rid of some nervous nerves that they might have for future interviews because they already have some interviewing experience based on their Local Scholarship interviews. Most of the questions were about where do you see yourself in 5 years, or either mostly about how your skills can help your career, or any job that is being considered. The FotorCreated7Senior Exit interview is a very important day for the seniors of Woodlake High School. The interview is a final requirement for graduating seniors. If students are a no show to their interview, then they will not receive their diploma and will not be able to participate in the Graduation Ceremony on June 2nd. After Seniors go through a stressful 25 minutes, they end with relief as their final requirement finishes up.


We Are Limitless!

By Jocelyn Sanchez and Charlotte Lira


This year, Woodlake FFA took 25 FFA students to the 89th Annual State Leadership Conference. The conference is a four day leadership convention with over 7 thousand FFA members in attendance from all across California. Here the FFA members come together to better their leadership skills and build great memories and friendships that last forever throughout their chapters. The Monday night concert was hosted by country star, Brent Young. Young did an outstanding performance for the 7,000 members that attended the conference. At this event our National officers held workshops that expanded comfort zones, and the various workshops consisted from welding to learning how to swing dance. The students also got the opportunity to explore the Fresno State campus.
Woodlake High School State award recipients were recognized on stage for their great accomplishments. Pia Martinez went on stage to represent Woodlake FFA  for receiving Gold National Chapter, Mrs.Pena went on stage as a San Joaquin Regional Star Counselor. There were also competition teams: Ag Computers received first high in state, with having the top four individuals representing Woodlake. Also Ag Marketing received third high at the Fresno field day competition. We also had two students in the State FFA Band, Jimi Ledesma and Rogelio Chavez. Crystal Sandoval also represented Woodlake FFA in the state choir. Gary Spivey participated in the state talent with is outstanding yo-yo tricks. California FFA was able to give  members limitless opportunities within the four days!


Spring Break Recap

By: Juan Sandoval & Juan Macias


Spring Break,  a time where every student forgets about the responsibility of school. A time where the weather is warm and the beach is the place to go. Here are some amazing activities the Tigers did during break!


Nikole Kimble

“During Spring Break I did many amazing activities. I went to Disneyland with my good friend and it was a blast. Towards the end of break, I also went to the beach and I got sunburn, that was definitely the highlight of my break”.


Lauren Little

“I went to San Diego! I took the bus from Hanford to Los Angeles, and from Los Angeles, I took the  Amtrak (the train) to San Diego. I spent two nights with my cousin along with Julian, then we went kayaking in the ocean and swam with the sharks”.


Jakob Bischoff

“I went to London  and I hung out with my cousins. I saw many castles and Big Ben. This trip was definitely one for the books”.

Chlorine, the New Perfume?

By: Julian Duran & Lauren Little

This Year’s Woodlake High School’s girls swim team are 2nd in league so far, with 2 more meets to go. The boys aren’t doing as well considering they only have 6 males. Within the Woodlake swim team, there are two swimmers who have qualified for the 2017 Valley Finals. One of the swimmers is Mason Smith who has qualified for 100 butterfly with a 1:01, and 50 freestyle with a 25.03. The other qualifier is Lauren Little, who has qualified for the individual 100m breaststroke with a 1:19.33, and 50m freestyle with a 27.54. Even though it is just the two attending Valley, the other swimmers still have been competing strongly throughout the season. Several have cut off multiple seconds and improved far past expectation. Coach Suzie has put countless hours into making the team better as a whole, which has payed off. Let’s see how the swim team continues to do, good luck to them!

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean… the Musical! By: Nikole Kimble

In this year’s spring musical,a bundle of ruthless pirates embark on their adventure. The cast for this play consists of 28 characters, and 4 people helping backstage.  Esmeralda is one of the main characters, she is the captain of her crew, “the Lawless Ladies”. Esmeralda and her group have to recover stolen gold from another group of mischievous pirates. How will they retrieve their gold? What obstacles will come their way? Who will they bump into along their journey? Make sure to watch the play next month to find out! The dates for this magnificent musical are the 18th, 19th, 20th of May.boat-anchor-clip-art-clipart-free-clipart-3n9GCx-clipartCARIBMUSIC