NBA All-Star Weekend

By Jakob Bischoff

Every year the NBA’s best players come together and participate in a variety of different entertaining events. These events include the three point contest, dunk contest, and the All-Star game. The festivities this year started on Friday with the celebrity game, in which famous people are pinned against each other to show off their basketball skills. The highlight of this years celebrity game was when Jarrius Robertson, a 14 year old with liver disease, checked into the game and scored a mid range jump shot late in the fourth quarter. After the celebrity game was the Rising Stars Challenge. This event is basically an All-star game for the younger, less experienced players in the league. This year’s team World, beat team USA behind Jamal Murray’s 36 points. This concluded Friday’s events. Saturday Night started with the Skills challenge. Players had to maneuver an obstacle course while passing, shooting, and dribbling. This year it was surprisingly won by a center,  Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks. He beat Gordon Hayward in the championship after hitting a three, right before Hayward. The three point contest was the next and the best sharpshooters in the league, and were all in attendance. It ended up going into overtime after Kyrie Irving and Eric Gordon hit the same amount of threes in the championship round. In the end, Eric Godon bested Irving in overtime. The final event of the night was the Slam Dunk contest. This years Dunk contest wasn’t very exciting as many of the dunkers either could not complete the dunk, or ended up doing very uncreative slams. The bright spot in this contest was Glenn Robinson III, who won by jumping over three people and finishing with a reverse slam. The All-star game was next which is arguably one of the most anticipated events of the year. This years game was especially interesting because there was some drama. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were forced to be to the same team again for the first time since KD had left Thunder to become a Warrior. It gave many fans another reason to watch, and it was all worth it when in the 1st quarter KD dished an alley oop to Westbrook resulting in an uproar of cheers from the crowd and both teams’ benches. All in all, this years All-star weekend was memorable and worth watching

                                           Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakershi-res-9ee055d59065ed933e0591f88a537fd7_crop_north

2017 Lunar Eclipse


By Jordan Price

Friday nights are usually pretty special, but one with a lunar eclipse makes this Friday  even more special.  This event occurred on February 10. The penumbral lunar eclipse, as it’s called, should be easily visible from much of the world. The comet will fly past Earth, coming within 7.4 million miles, this may seem far, but it is the closest one that will come in the next 30 years. The comet appeared in the western sky, in the constellation Hercules. Binoculars and telescopes will help in the search, but at its closest approach, it might even be visible with the naked eye. If you did not see the lunar eclipse then, here is another look at it.

Hee-Haw Game Time

By Alyssa Baker

For those who are unfamiliar, Donkey Basketball is an annual FFA basketball game that takes place every year. The amazing AG teachers, run a presale of tickets before the day of the game, and the top sellers get to ride donkeys. On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Woodlake FFA vs Exeter FFA had their annual donkey basketball game, taking the win at 8 to 7. The game was intense and fun. The whole night was filled with laughter and cheers as Woodlake took home the win! The game was almost sold out of tickets, and everyone enjoyed the game. Congratulations to our riders on the amazing game!

During halftime of the game, our FFA Sweetheart was crowned by last years queen, Kiara Benavides! Congratulations to Reanna Munoz for winning the crown for FFA Sweetheart last Thursday night. Good Job to the other competitors; Callie Vincent, Pia Martinez, and Edith Guijon.

Stop and Smell the Roses!

By: Charlotte Lira

This year’s Sophomore Ag. Academy has been working diligently for the past five months on what is to be a rose garden at the School Farm. Over the last five months, they created their own designs within small groups and created presentations with a price list of the cost of their design ideas. They presented their presentations to a panel of judges, and the judges chose the top three designs to make it to the final round. In the final round, the top three groups were put to the test and had to combine three other designs along with theirs. The top three groups then presented again to another panel which helped choose the winning design. Congratulations to Clarissa Elias, Marianna Reynoso, Josefina Ramirez, Christopher McDermott, Luis Reyes, Bianca Tafoya, Micaela Rodriguez-Monroy, Manuel Cardenas, and Virgil “Ethan” Murehead for winning the top design. The Ag Academy will begin demolition in March in hopes of finishing the designed rose garden by the end of May. The Ag Academy hopes to see that once the Rose Garden is completed, all can visit the beautiful student led project and enjoy the smell of roses! 20170228_091122

California Thursday


By: Misty Stevenson

The school district has recently implemented a new food program called “California Thursday”. The reason behind the name is to serve the freshest fruit and vegetables possible on Thursdays. By doing this, Woodlake schools are supporting local and state farmers. The food that is served on “California Thursday” is 100% grown in California. This is also a way to celebrate California and all this state has to offer. By serving food fresh from California, it helps diminish the carbon footprint that is found in the food. It started off as a once a month event, but the district is hoping to make it an every Thursday event.  So far it has been successful, and it will be interesting to see how this event can impact the students and staff of Woodlake. Woodlake, let’s take the time to appreciate the food California has to offer!

Super Bowl 51

By: Dylan Mills


Super Bowl 51 was a banger! This game was played by the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. This year’s game was action packed and included the first ever overtime in Super Bowl history. In the first quarter, the game started off very slow  with each team scoring a whopping zero points. The second quarter, on the other hand, was very interesting. The Falcons put up 21 points on the board, leaving the Patriots down 21-3. Going into halftime, the Patriots were down by 18 points.


Lady Gaga takes over the stage and gives a spectacular halftime show.


The Patriots dug themselves into a huge hole. In the start of the third quarter, the patriots score a quick field goal, and then another later in the quarter. The fourth quarter is where it all happened. Tom Brady and the patriots are down by 19. They get two touchdowns and two, two point conversions tying the game. The Falcons score 0 once again giving the Patriots a chance to come back in the first ever Super Bowl overtime! The Patriots are praying that they win the overtime coin toss. They manage to win it and drive down the field for a come back. This is an unforgettable Super Bowl and is one of the most intense games in NFL history.