They Made It!

By Isaak Martinez

Woodlake FFA made it to the 90th FFA Nationals. They are competing head to head with the very best FFA students nationwide. This event takes place in Indiana, Indianapolis. The Food Science and Tech teams will be competing. Representing Woodlake well are classmates Rogelio Chavez, Edith Guijon, Kiara Benavides, Isabella Torres, Jasmine Paniagua, and Pia Martinez. They leave October 23rd, and will be gone almost a full week. Many long hours were dedicated to get here by the students and their driven advisors. The teams made it this far, which is an honor, so let’s hope that they bring back many trophies and awards. Also, let’s hope this was a trip of a lifetime for these well-deserving students, with many memories made that will be remembered for a lifetime.

It’s Tennis’ Time To Shine BY: Jessica Ruelas

The Tiger Tennis girls record for the season was 12 -2. They did great this year, and won first place in Area. The girls are moving on to the championships, not as a team, but as individuals. Let’s ask some the girls about their phenomenal season:

Brianna Guerra

Q:How long have you played tennis?

A: “I have played tennis for 3 years.”

Q: Do you plan on playing tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “I wouldn’t mind playing, but I’m not sure about it; however, I will definitely continue playing the sport as a hobby.”

Q; What is your favorite memory while  being on the tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory would be getting to experience a new sport, and being with girls who make cherishable memories fun.”

Vanessa Meza

Q: How long have you played tennis?

A: “I have played tennis for 3 years.

Q:Do you plan to play tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “ Most likely I will continue to play tennis, but just for fun.”

Q:What is your favorite memory of being on a tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory of being in a tennis team was when Mr. Judson ripped his pants”.

IMG_1225 (1)

Kiara Benavides

Q: How long have you played tennis ?

A: “I played tennis for 4 years.”

Q:Do you plan to play tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “ If I have the opportunity to play tennis I will, but I would rather stay focused in school.”

Q:What is your favorite memory of being on a tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory was winning our quarter final Valley game against Coalinga.”

HAPPY HOMECOMING!! by Jasmine Sandoval & Amarys Gonzales


It’s getting chilly here in Woodlake, you know what that means?.. HOMECOMING!! Homecoming was a blast, the seniors, especially, enjoyed spending their last homecoming playing dress-up with their friends, and of course attending the football game as well as the dance after the game. The dress up days for this year’s homecoming were music festival based; Electric Daisy Carnival, 1969 Woodstock, Pueblo Fest, Coachella, and Tiger Spirit. The Woodlake football team had an intense game against the Lindsay Cardinals. Despite their tough loss, the players, as well as students, had a blast. This year, there were four couples on the homecoming court; Callie Vincent & Leonel Mercado, Kiara Benavides & Reyes Aguilar, Jackie Villalpando & Jonah Balderas, Dominique Franco & Marcos Cruz. Below are interviews of all of the candidates and pictures of the dress up days.



Callie Vincent & Lionel Mercado: Why would you like to win? Callie; “I don’t care if I win or not, I think it’s a nice memory to make for my senior year.” Lionel; “It doesn’t matter if I win or not, I’m having a great time with Callie and my peers.” 

Kiara Benavides & Reyes Aguilar: What are you most excited for this homecoming week? Reyes; “I’m more excited about Seeing Kiara in that dress.” Kiara; “Being able to participate with the school and dressing up with all the crazy dress up days.”

Dominique Franco & Marcos Cruz: What was the best part of being nominated this year?  Marcos; “The best part of being nominated was getting closer to my peers and getting involved with my school a little bit more.”  Dominique; “The best part about being nominated was getting closer to all the people and my partner in the court, and just having fun, because I love dancing, so I just had fun with it.”

Jackie Villalpando & Jonah Balderas: What is the worst part about being elected? Jonah; “I could not find good outfits to match the dress up days.” Jackie; “I’m not a pessimist, but one thing that was definitely not so bright about being nominated was there was at least a couple hateful people that didn’t like the idea of me being on the court, but I’m happy that the majority of people were supportive and were with me throughout the whole thing.”


Student Spotlight

By: Callie Vincent

There are many unique students that attend Woodlake High School that deserve recognition. Student spotlight is designed to showcase different students monthly and allow each to share a little about themselves.  It is important for WHS to get to know their fellow classmates because each student has a story to tell, and something interesting to share. 

Freshman: Kirsten Killian


What is your favorite thing to do outside of school that nobody knows about?

“I like to go to the river with my friends in Three Rivers.”

How do you feel about high school classes? Is it overwhelming?

“My classes are easy for me, and they aren’t overwhelming.”

Sophomore: Skylar Rodriguez


What is the best thing about being a sophomore? How does it compare to your freshman year?

“The best thing about being a sophomore is not being a freshman.. It’s a lot more fun and exciting.”

What is the most memorable thing you’ve done so far this school year?

“I’ve gone to Friday Night Lights with my best friends.”

Junior: Dylan Mills


How does it feel to finally be a upperclassmen?

“ I feel like a medium sized fish in a big pond this year instead of being minnow as a sophomore.”

Do you play any sports? What are your hobbies?

“I play baseball and basketball, and I like to go to the river ; I also play the x box and hang out with friends.”

Senior: Adam Lupercio (Boo Boo)


What are your plans after high school? Any colleges in mind?

“I want to continue my education and travel.”

Any tips for underclassmen when it comes to college applications and scholarships?

“I would say to jump on all opportunities that are given here in order to prepare yourself for the next level after high school, and to start your portfolio early.”

What do you hope to achieve this year before you graduate? Any things you want to do with friends?

“Other than graduating, I just want to have a great year with my friends and make a ton of memories.”


The After School Program

The After School Program at Woodlake High School is a place where students can get extra help on their homework, and have opportunities to join extra activities such as cooking, dance, media concepts, job readiness, arts and crafts, sports, leadership, DJ 101, intro to nursing, and an ASL class. These classes are available every Monday and Wednesday/Tuesday and Thursday. The after school program is a huge help to students that need assistance in school academics in which they may be struggling with. The extra help can boost the student’s chances of not being left behind from their fellow classmates, and the after school program is full of helpful adults that are willing to provide aid to any student no matter what their struggles are.  A typical day in the After School Program consists of students signing in and retrieving their snacks, and then attending mandatory tutorials from 3:45 to 4:15. After tutorials, they can choose to go to their elective class or they can do their homework for the rest of the time until 6:00. Fridays are fun Fridays. Every Friday activity is different.  The students participate in different activities and events that are planned for these days such as board games, Xbox, WII, or even sports.

The Three Musketeers

As you notice daily, there are three lovely ladies in the front office who work hard and are dedicated each day to their job. One of these Three Musketeers includes Esther Aguilar, who is in charge of attendance, and her tasks include: signing students in and out who are tardy or need to leave for appointments. If you plan on ditching, she will catch you, so you may want to reconsider that thought. The second Musketeer is Mari, she is in charge of school’s finance department, if you need to pay for anything school related, Mari is the gal to go to. Last, but not least, is Christy Castillo, she is the office supervisor; she shows up early in the morning to make sure the school runs smoothly. She ensures there are subs for any absent teacher, takes care of registering new students, sending school records for future schools for exiting students, sends transcripts, and manages anything and everything office related. All of these wonderful ladies have given nothing, but heart and soul into making Woodlake High School run smoothly and efficiently, without a doubt, they deserve great appreciation and recognition.

#Choose Your Path- 2017 WHS Career Day By: Reyes Aguilar

Career Day is an annual event that takes place at Woodlake High School. The entire day consists of students visiting different presenters and learning about the multiple professions in hopes of sparking some sort of interest for future careers. Many of the presenters happen to be Woodlake High School Alumni. Ralph Diaz, a Woodlake High School Alumni,  was this years guest speaker, and successfully gave an incredibly heartfelt and powerful speech. The students loved his breathtaking presentation and learned from his wise words, “Learn from your yesterdays, prepare for your tomorrows by living a life of purpose today.” Overall, the students enjoyed their information filled day, and their extended lunch time.  Many guest speakers enjoyed returning to their Alma Maters to be examples to the current student population to show what’s possible with an education from Woodlake High School.  

Tiger Sports


By Robby Stevenson

Football started off the year 3-2 before starting the games of the East Sequoia League. Woodlake faced the state runner up for division 6, Strathmore. Woodlake humbly fell to the Spartans 63-14. The next week they were defeated by Corcoran in a tight game that came down to an executed field goal. The Tigers still can come back and make a run for it if they stay focused.

Girls Tennis is 12-2 and is 2nd in league. They have had a great season and they are expected to make it far in playoffs. Senior Briana Guerra says “We are doing great. We have accomplished goals that we did not last year.”

Girls Volleyball spiked their way into the playoffs this year. They are 7-2 in league and 14-14 overall. They are also Co- League Champs in the East Sequoia League tied with Strathmore.

Cross Country is third place in league, and is being led by The Senior Captain , Carlos Lucatero, and Jaime Navarro who currently has an 18 minute 5k. The girls cross country team is also in third place, and in the front of that group is Dulce Ramirez with a 23:59 5k. Coach Blanca Lucatero says, “ Racing over 3 miles may seem like an unlikely sport to many athletes who see running as a punishment, but to XC runners it is about a sense of accomplishment and personal goals toward constant improvement”.

This years Tiger athletes have made a successful run through league. With playoffs coming up, the Tigers will need support behind them so they can rally and compete. They have put much effort into their passion, along with some sweat, and likely some shredded tears. Each team will continue through the rest of league playing hard to represent Woodlake High.


Teacher of the Month

By: Michelle Raya

For many years, Woodlake High School has been proudly able to call Mr. Campe a part of their staff. Mr. Campe is Woodlake High School’s Chemistry, AP Physics, Physics teacher, and this month’s teacher of the month. He continues to fill students with knowledge every year and encourages students to do their best in everything. Mr. Campe has been teaching for many years and continues to proudly represent Woodlake High School at its best. Mr. Campe gives each of his students equal opportunities, and believes that each and every one of them has the chance to succeed as long as they put their mind to it.


How long have you been teaching at Woodlake High School for?

“This is my seventh year at WHS.  Before that I taught for four years at WVMS.”

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

The students.  I am very fortunate to have a job that continues to energize me and provide me with great joy.  That energy always comes from my interactions with my students”

What made you want to become a teacher?  

When I was at Cal Poly SLO in mechanical engineering, I watched the movie “Dead Poet’s Society”.  While I come from a family of teachers (my dad was actually my 6th grade teacher), I didn’t truly consider the profession until watching this movie.  After watching it, I decided immediately that I wanted to teach and inspire. The next week I went into counseling, changed my major to Physical Science, and here I am!”

What is something that your students do not know about you?

“Hmmm.  I tell my students quite a bit about myself.  Let’s see…… Do that know that my left ear is pierced?  Do they know that I’ve known my wife since I was 9?  Do they know that I haven’t owned a television since I was in college?”20171030_15172920171030_151728

Nail Biting Baseball

By Jordan Price

Tis the season for celebration and possibly sadness depending on what team you support.  In the first round of MLB Playoffs, the Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Indians, and Nationals were all eliminated. The Red Sox were defeated in four games to the Astros, and the Diamondbacks were swept in three games by the Dodgers. The 2016 World Series Runner-Ups, the Indians, fell to the American League West Champions, the Astros, in three games. The teams reached the American and National League Championship where the Dodgers beat the Cubs 4-1 to advance to the World Series. The Astros managed to win four games before the Yankees, which advanced the Astors to the World Series as well. In the first game of the World Series, the Dodgers defeated the Astros 3-1 in a close battle. In Game 2, both teams battled back and forth, but the Astros came up with the win. Game 3 was a close game, but the Astros came out with a win 3-5. In Game 4 the Dodgers took the win in a killing game of 6-2. Most viewers were not sure if they were watching the Home Run Derby or the World Series in a high scoring game of 12-12, until the 10th inning when the Astros won 13-12.  The series is not quite over, so stay tuned!