Student Spotlight

By: Claudia Zacarias

Welcome WHS students to a new year full of exciting hope and goals! With the start of a new year, many students are ecstatic to see what this year will bring them. As a matter of fact, some students have a lot to say about it, so here are a couple Q&A interviews\\ from tigers.

IMG_8709Ricky Dominguez, Senior

“How’s senior year going? What are the pros and cons of it?”

Dominguez: “It’s going great, the cons of being a senior is that it’s almost over and your leaving your childhood behind. The pros are that your starting you life which is exciting.”

“Are you taking any challenging classes? What makes them challenging?”

Dominguez: “I’m taking AP Lit, and that class is challenging just in the aspect of having to read a lot and find the time to do it with my busy schedule.

“Do you have any things on your bucket list you want to do before you graduate?”

Dominguez: “Before I graduate I’d really like to get a Valley Championship ring in soccer.

IMG_8707Isaak Martinez, Sophomore

“What’s something that most people would be surprised to know?”

Martinez: “Most people don’t know that I sing in the shower.”

What are your hobbies or interest?”

Martinez: “I like listening to music, like hip hop and rap. I also like being outside surrounded by nature.”

What do you want to become when your older?

Martinez: “ I haven’t given much thought to it, but I would like to become a DJ.”

IMG_8721Pria Bun, Junior

How’s Junior year going? Anything difficult?

Bun: “ It’s going  pretty good , my challenging classes ar chemistry and English.”

What has been your most memorable moment at WHS?

Bun: “I would have to say formal because of the people I was surrounded by.”

What is something that is really popular now, but in 5 years everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by?

Bun: “ I definitely think that we will look back and be embarrassed of our dance moves, like the whip and the nae nae.”



IMG_8719Guerra, Freshmen

“What’s something you love about high school? Any 


Guerra: “ I was really surprised by the various amount of electives offered. I also think that it’s harder because the teachers have high expectations and give more homework.”

What’s something random that other people would be surprised to find out?

Guerra: “ Most people would be surprised to know that I enjoy Art- it’s one of my favorite classes because I get to relax.”

In one one word how would you sum up finals week?

Guerra: ‘Hell.”

Ci-TRUST The Citrus Team To Bring Home Another Victory!

By Student Reporter: Isabella Torres


It’s Citrus season for Woodlake FFA, and they’re ready for it. Mrs. Moran, Citrus Team Advisor, has really shown what this team has had to do to get where they are and where they plan to go.

What are your team’s recent accomplishments?

Moran: “The results of the Porterville Citrus Contest were that Pia, Edith, Kenya and Walter were first high team with Pia first high individual.  The Tulare Citrus Contest, the team placed 3rd with Pia, Edith and Gerardo Palafox,  The B team consisting of Rogelio, Kyle, Daniella placed 3rd high team.”

When are your next competitions?

Moran: “The Hanford Contest is next Saturday with State Finals on the following Weekend, February 3.”

What does this competition expect of the FFA members?

Moran “The contest requires students to judge classes of oranges, lemons, grapefruit, mango and trees and give three sets of reasons.  In addition there are 20 identification items in which students must identify fruit defects, diseases or insect damage.”


Winter Break Fun

By: Jordan Price
Over Winter Break, students had three weeks to fulfill some exciting events. Several Woodlake High School students were interviewed regarding what electrifying events happened over their break.
“What fun events did you do over Winter Break?”
Preston McKellar: “Over break I went to visit my sister, Meg Johnson, in Colorado. We went
snowboarding and I fell many times. I also went to the beach and surfed. The waves were
“What fun events did you do over Winter Break?”
Caden St. Martin: “I went to Arizona and visited some family. It was a lot of fun. I also got bit by spider and my eye was swollen. That was not so fun.
“What fun events did you do over Winter Break?”
Austin McWilliams: “I didn’t go anywhere, I just hung out on my balcony and with friends. My
Xbox got a lot of use this break too! Fortnite is my new best friend.”

Whether these students traveled or stayed home, it seems as if these students had a wonderful Winter Break away from school.


Winter Olympics


By: Clayton Vincent

The Olympic Winter Games is a major International sporting event held once every four years, for sports practiced on ice and snow. The first Winter Olympics, the 1924 Winter Olympics, was held in Chamonix, France. This years`winter Olympics will be held in South Korea from February 9 to February 25. The events that will take place in this year’s Winter Olympics are alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, nordic combined, short track speed skating, skeleton, ski jumping, snowboarding, and speed skating. A total of 94 teams have qualified one athlete so far. The 2018 U.S. Olympic Team is expected to reach approximately 240 athletes. Theses athletes have been waiting and fighting for a spot on one of the U.S. teams for four years now. Hopefully team USA’s hard work pays off, and they have a successful Winter

Funky Finals

By: Jasmine Sandoval

Students at Woodlake High are experiencing a change to their school year schedule and many are not fond of it. The change in their schedule results in their first semester continuing into the New Year, with finals set to take place three weeks after a three week break. Students believe it makes the final process more challenging because of the extension of the fall semester. Students, however, are not the only people that are being affected by this change. Teachers are also facing a challenge. They must decide whether or not to teach an additional unit within the two weeks before finals.

Displaying Copy of Copy of IMG_4791.JPG


Because the schedule has been extended, teachers also have to cram more work into a small amount of time because the testing schedule has not been pushed back, making testing preparations for students a much harder process due to less time available for studying. In an attempt to change the schedule back, students have began signing petitions to persuade the Woodlake School Board to change the schedule back to its original way.  


New Year, New Tigers!

By: Amarys Gonzales

It’s a new year Tigers, that means it’s resolution time! What is a resolution you ask? A resolution is a goal you set for yourself for the upcoming year. For some people, this goal can be health oriented, personality changes, or even economic increase. Despite the mass amount of people that set these goals for themselves, only 8% actually follow through with them. So, let’s interview WHS students to find out what their New Year’s resolutions are, if they’ve kept them, or given up on their dream.


Jackie Villalpando, Senior

What is your New Year’s resolution, and do you plan to follow through with it? “My New Year’s resolution is to stay positive and keep doing what I’m doing because I’m definitely happier than I was last year, and yes of course I’ve been following through with it since day one.”


Anacristina Espinoza, Freshman

What is your New Year’s resolution, and do you plan to follow through with it? “ My New Year’s resolution is to become vegetarian, and yes I do plan on following through with it.”


Javier Reyes, Freshman

What is your New Year’s resolution, and do you plan to follow through with it? “My New Year’s resolution is to pass Mrs. Inchcliff’s class with a C+, and I think I will accomplish my goal.”


Paola Espinoza, Sophomore

What is your New Year’s resolution, and do you plan to follow through with it? “My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is to procrastinate less, and actually complete all of my homework on time, and yes I think I can do it because I am really focused on accomplishing these goals this year.”



Teacher of the Month- Mr. Lynch

By Isabel Garcia

A new school year brings new teachers. This month of the new year, Woodlake High is proud to present Mr. Lynch as Woodlake High School’s Teacher of Month. He teaches U.S. History, Government, and Economics. This is Lynch’s first year teaching at Woodlake High School, and he is already loved by many students. Some students hope that he will be teaching for many years on the WHS campus. Lynch tries to encourage students to do their best in school and makes teaching fun. He believes that every student has the opportunity to do great things in the world. Mr. Lynch has been a great addition to the Woodlake High School family, here’s a little bit about him:

What brought you to WHS?

Before I came to WHS, I was applying for schools throughout the San Joaquin Valley – I really wanted to stay in the Central Valley.  When WHS offered me the available position, I took it immediately!

What is the best part about working here?

Believe it or not, as an outsider to the area, I really like the smaller size of Woodlake’s community.  The students are not all strangers, and although many students probably don’t like the small town aspect of their town, Woodlake feels like it is a place that houses one big family, and I’m really happy to be a part of that family.

What is your best experience so far this year?

My best experience this far has been fulfilling my duties as a teacher and learning more about my profession.  It’s a sappy answer, but I went to college with a teaching career in mind, and getting to share my interests and academic passions with students every day is a fantastic experience.  

What have you learned about WHS and its students that is interesting or comical?

I’ve learned that WHS students are very interconnected.  I am not used to being in an area where there are so many close relatives attending the same school.

What is something that your students do not know about you?

My students probably don’t know that I can beat any of them at video games.  It doesn’t even matter which one – I’ll probably win.  Battlefield? Check. Call of Duty? Check. Elder Scrolls Online? Big check. Any challengers?

What animal best describes you and why?

I think the wolf is an animal that describes me well.  I need to be part of a pack, or family, and I’d find myself at a loss if I were frequently alone.  unnamed

Central Valley Blue Star Moms

By: Isiah Maldonado

The Blue Star Moms are moms, joining together to share pride, devotion, and worries for sons and daughters currently serving in all branches of the Armed Forces in the United States. They first came together shortly after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. They collect needed items for Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, sending out care packages periodically. They are an official chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America, a group who formed during World War II.

Last year, WHS, and WVMS participated in the donation drive to support Blue Star Moms. They are planning to have another drive after Spring Break, letters and food will be collected and sent to troops as personal care packages, and delivered on July 4th. Students are needed to participate in the drive, help with donations, and collect them. If interested in participating in this event, talk to Ray Salazar in counseling.Concert-pic2-9-26-16-300x200

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By: Michelle Raya

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”- Martin Luther King Jr. This year on January 15, 2018, and every year since the year 2000, Martin Luther King Day has honored the life of a beautiful soul and has been celebrated throughout the states on the third January of each year. He has been one of the few people that are recognized throughout America for his courageous acts to give people with color a voice after going unrecognized for many years. He has given hope to many people without a voice solely for the color of their skin. This day is the day to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King and to learn to pass his legacy in the years to come. To this day, Martin Luther King’s teaching and words continue to positively impact the world.


They Made It!

By Isaak Martinez

Woodlake FFA made it to the 90th FFA Nationals. They are competing head to head with the very best FFA students nationwide. This event takes place in Indiana, Indianapolis. The Food Science and Tech teams will be competing. Representing Woodlake well are classmates Rogelio Chavez, Edith Guijon, Kiara Benavides, Isabella Torres, Jasmine Paniagua, and Pia Martinez. They leave October 23rd, and will be gone almost a full week. Many long hours were dedicated to get here by the students and their driven advisors. The teams made it this far, which is an honor, so let’s hope that they bring back many trophies and awards. Also, let’s hope this was a trip of a lifetime for these well-deserving students, with many memories made that will be remembered for a lifetime.