Queens of Style

By: Jasmine Sandoval

Queens of Style is a celebration of International Women’s Day. During this event, female artists from all over California, including Woodlake High, show off their amazing artistic abilities and meet new people. On March 17th, multiple students and teachers from Woodlake High School attended the art event. Mrs. Bowers, the art teacher at Woodlake High, was proud to take the schools best artists and painters. Junior, Carlos Tavarez, who also attended the event, sold multiple pieces of his stunning paintings, while Alecxander Parreira, Anyssa Lupian, and Mrs. Bowers painted murals of amazing works of art. Below are pictures from Queens of Style.   

Sexual Assult Awareness Month

By: Elian Andrade

What is it about?


Sexual Asssault Awareness Month (SAAM) is a campaign to raise awareness about sexual assault and consent to the public eye. Each year the campaign uses a theme to spread their message, with this year’s being “Embrace your Voice”, urging individuals to use their voice to rally for safety, respect, and equality in pushing for the end of sexual violence before more acts are committed. Individuals demonstrate and stand in solidarity with survivors of assault, by standing up against the shame against survivors, jokes that reinforce and normalize rape culture, promote consent and what it means to give consent, practice healthy communication within relationships, and correct misconceptions. The month is symbolized by a teal ribbon.


How to get involved?


My strength and My voice are doing several events this month like the “Walk a mile in her shoes” and “Denim Day”. These events promote being able to feel comfortable in clothes and not have to worry about being assaulted, as well as raise awareness about survivors. These events are scheduled for April 10th and April 25th respectively. For more information, make sure to contact Edwin, the club organizer on their club pages on Facebook and Instagram. @mystrengthcub and @myvoiceclub

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Spring Break


By Clayton Vincent

Spring break is one week during the school year where students can do whatever they want. Many students visit family and hang out with their friends, while others may decide to go on vacation. There are many different students at Woodlake High School that experience a fun filled Spring Break. Now let’s find out what they did on their Spring Break vacation!


What did you do on your Spring Break?


Alex Chapman (Senior): “ I played basketball here at the high school over Spring Break and hung out with my friends. I also went to Los Angeles with my mom and brothers to go watch a Dodgers baseball game.”  GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What did you do on your Spring Break?


Juan Sandoval (Senior): “I got to spend a lot of time with my friends. It was really fun because I don’t get to see most of them a lot. I also got to see my family which was really nice. My spring break was a great one.”


What did you do on your Spring Break?


David Coa (Senior): “I went to New York and visited the cites. I met a lot of people and tried a bunch of different foods. The trip was cool, I was just cold the entire time.”


Popular Games and Movies

By: Nikole Kimble



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Fortnight is a game on Ps4, Xbox and now available on your mobile phone. One hundred players are in an arena and fight to the death with weapons, and the players are also able to build structures. The object of the game is to stay alive as long as possible.

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PubG is a game on Ps4, Xbox, and mobile. One hundred players are in an arena and kill each other with weapons. The object of the game is to be #1.

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Snipers vs Thieves is a game on mobile. In this game, the player has a choice to either be a sniper of a thief. The object of the game is to rob a bank. If the player becomes a thief, they have to rob the bank, and collect as much money without dying. If the player becomes a sniper, they have to kill the robbers.



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PG: 13 Drama/Romance

“Love, Simon” is a movie based on a book by Becky Albertalli known as Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda. The movie is about 17-year-old Simon and his wild love story with a person he doesn’t really know… but he has a secret… no one knows he’s gay.

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Rated PG: 13 Horror/Thriller

“A Quiet Place” is about a family that is being preyed on by a creature that hunts and navigates by sound.

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PG: 13 Thriller/Fantasy

If you’re looking for a Sci Fi action adventure,“Ready Player One” is the perfect movie. This is a movie placed in 2045 after a war, and the world is almost in ruins. The OASIS is a virtual reality where people can escape and be anyone and make anything they want to. A boy named Wade Watts is one of the many players in this game and enters the intense treasure hunt that the creator made before he died. Watch the movie and find out what crazy trouble that Wade comes into!

College Signing Day

By Reyes Aguilar

It is reaching the end of the school year for the Woodlake Tigers; it is also reaching the time of the year where the Woodlake Seniors begin their preparation for their new adventures after High School. The Senior Tigers are in a busy state of gathering scholarships, preparing for exit interviews, as well as deciding which school they want to attend, huge props to the seniors for keeping it together in a time of stress. Graduation is coming in quickly, the town and students of Woodlake are eager to know where the upcoming graduating class of 2018 will be headed for their college career. On May 4th, the Woodlake High School will be hosting a college signing day during lunch time. Essentially for the signing day, there will be tables set up with colleges with the students attending that college. This day is not only meant to honor our current seniors for their hard work and dedication, but also to encourage students to start thinking about their future college choices.  Woodlake High School is very proud of their future college graduates and are excited about their desire to succeed.


Nutritious Meals

By Jordan Price

With all of the food given to students at both brunch and lunch, I went behind the scenes to see the hard work and the nutritious meal planning behind every student’s meal. The Woodlake High School’s dietitian intern, Eden Balment, will be giving me an inside look on what it takes to become a dietitian and plan students’ meals.

What does it take to be a dietitian?

Eden Balment: “In order to become a dietitian, you need a Bachelors Degree, and I graduated from San Luis Obispo Cal Poly in the class of 2015 with a Bachelors in Science and nutrition, and a minor in Psychology. After you graduate you must apply into an internship and complete 1,200 hours of supervised practice. Once you are completed that, you take a national exam to become a registered dietitian.”

What do you do as an intern?

“As an intern there are three different categories that we explore; there is clinical, community, and food service. Right now this is my third week in Woodlake, and I am observing the food service at a different school in Woodlake. I will be doing a taste testing experiment this Friday. For example, I will see how they react to it and how they like it. Students are very curious with their taste in food.”

What interested you to become a dietitian?

“So I was originally an Art Major; I have my AA in Graphic Design. As I grew up, I knew I was interested in art and nutrition, and my parents told me to continue going to school and one of my desires will eventually fade out. I continued to go to school and neither faded out, so I decided to become a dietitian because it involves both art and nutrition.”

Ms. Balment gave Woodlake High School an informative insight on what it takes to become a dietitian. If students are interested in Art and Nutritions maybe they can follow the same path!IMG_2011

Teacher Appreciation

By Student Reporter: Isabel Garcia


For this month’s “Teacher of the Month”, it is none other than Mrs. Goodin! She is a SPED teacher that gives her undivided attention to her students. Mrs. Goodin spends countless hours at the high school to ensure that all students have a positive learning experience. If you see Mrs. Goodin around, say hi and thank her for her devotion to Woodlake High School.

What brought you to WHS?

“I am working on finishing my teaching credential, and this was the first school that offered me a position.”


What is the best part about working here?

“I love that it is a small, tight-knit campus/community.”


What is your best experience so far this year?

“Getting to know my students.”


What have you learned about WHS and its students that is interesting or comical?

“It’s funny, to me, to see the differences between my sense of humor and my students. Generationally speaking, what I think is funny vs. what my students do, is interesting. :)”


What is something that your students do not know about you?

“While traveling overseas, my friends and I once had to bribe a police officer to keep us from being sent to jail.”


What animal best describes you and why?

“Giraffe. Giraffes are different and quirky.”


By: Karyme Martinez
There is a handful of students at Woodlake High School that love keeping the school clean. During 6th period every Friday, the Mrs. Thompson’s class breaks up into groups and picks up all the recycling that is collected in classes. The students won the 2017 Recycler of the Year Award for having the best recycling club in all of Tulare County schools. Students say that they love being apart of this club because it shows the students and staff to respect the campus and have pride in their community.IMG_5031.JPG

National FFA Week

By Student Reporters: Isabella Torres & Isabel Garcia

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National FFA week is when FFA members from all over nation show their pride in taking part of the FFA organization. Traditionally, FFA chapters set up dress up days and activities for their members/school community. Woodlake not only participated in these dress up days and lunch time activities, but they also host a host donkey basketball game for the Woodlake community in honor of National FFA week. during that game, the Miss Sweetheart and Mr. Sweetheart royalty is crowned.

Dress Up Days:

Tuesday: College Day


Wednesday: Camo Day


Thursday: Barnyard Day

Friday: Blue and Gold









FFA Sweetheart Candidates

By Student Reporters: Isabella Torres and Isabel Garcia

National FFA week is where FFA members all over show their pride to be in this organization. It is typical for chapters to do dress up days and activities to display their FFA spirit. Woodlake not only does dress up days and lunch time activities, but they also host a donkey basketball game in honor of National FFA week and during that game, they crown their Miss Sweetheart and Mr Sweetheart royalty.


Sweetheart Candidates:

Freshman: Izaiah Benavides and Sierra Bolaños

As freshmen, do you think you have a chance against the upperclassmen?

Izaiah: “As freshmen, I did not think that I had chance against the upperclassmen, I didn’t think I would win.”

Sierra: “I think I have a chance because I try my hardest when I’m put into something, and I just pour my heart into it, so yeah I definitely think I have a chance to win royalty.”

Sophomores: Rogelio Chavez and Celeste Medina

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

Rogelio: “I believe that my very flamboyant personality and drama self sets me apart. Other than that all of the other candidates have similar personalities.”

Celeste: “My personality is definitely different from the other candidates, and I think that will help me win.”

Juniors: Anthony Guzman and Edith Guijon

What are your strategies to win?

Anthony: “Looking good and having positive vibes.”

Edith: “My strategies would be giving it my all and having a good attitude.”

Seniors: Reyes Aguilar and Jessica Sandoval

Were you expecting to be nominated?

Reyes: “I was not expecting to be nominated for stud, or whatever it’s called.”

Jessica: “No, I didn’t expect to be nominated at all.”