Band Fam!

By: Shania Finney

This March, March 3rd to be exact, the band at Woodlake High School went to the CMEA Festival! CMEA stands for the California Music Education Association. The band attends every year, if not, almost every year. The CMEA festival is a time for schools from all over to come to one place and perform in front of judges. It is not an actual competition, but the groups do get rated on a normal grading scale by how well they perform as well as the fundamentals in their performance. The festival was held at Porterville High School this year and Woodlake got a grade of an 82 out of 100! A great score of a B and a fun time for the band! After their performance, they all hung out, had lunch, and enjoyed the rest of their day because of their hard work. Below is a very small portion of the Woodlake group who took dashing photos in their uniforms. Next time we hope to get the entire group! Great job Woodlake Band!


Being the Best Isn’t Easy

By: Dulce Hernandez & Julian Duran

If you think being the best is easy, ask Junior, Katie Pfaff and Sophomore, Sean Kerwin, they both auditioned for the Tulare-Kings Counties Honor Band, Katie received 6th out of 21 chairs, and Sean is the only Bari saxophone. Rehearsal begins in January, and the event is January 14th at 4:00 pm at Porterville High School. Honor Band can be a great experience for students looking for a challenge that pushes them out of there comfort zone.img_0350

Katie Pfaff

Were you nervous to audition?

“I was very nervous to audition, but I think that helped me in the end.”

How did you feel after walking off stage?

“After I auditioned, I felt like I had done alright, but it wasn’t the absolute best I could have performed, I did not think I would make 6th chair, it’s truly an honor.”  

Were you happy with your results?

“I’m overjoyed with the results! My personal goal was to make it in the top ten, and I achieved that! I’m very excited to perform the songs we have this year.”


Sean Kerwin

Were you nervous to audition?

“I was extremely nervous because I hardly practiced the audition material”

How did you feel after walking off stage?

“I felt very good after because I surprisingly did not do that bad”

Were you happy with your results

“Yes, I was very happy with my results”


TKMEA – Honor Band

By: Alondra Aguilar

Congratulations to senior Katelyn Laird and sophomore Katie Pfaff for auditioning for Tulare-Kings Music Educators Association, TKMEA, and being chosen to play in their concert. When auditioning for the TKMEA Honor Band, an audition piece must be played, as well as a sight reading piece. Katie Pfaff earned 15th chair out of 20 clarinet players, and Katelyn Laird earned 2nd chair out of 8 percussionists. Many, many musicians try out every year for every single section, so being accepted to the Honor Band is a prestigious opportunity. Soon, Katelyn Laird and Katie Pfaff will be part of a large ensemble which include all the other 2015-2016 Honor Band musicians. There will also be a concert where the Honor Band ensemble performs their newly practiced music pieces.

Great job Tiger Band musicians!

Band Attn’ Hut!

By: Alondra Aguilar

On October 31st, the Woodlake High School Tiger Band and Colorguard attended the Selma Bbandand Review. Since this was the last competition of the season, the stakes were high to do especially well. This would be the last time the Tiger Band would perform their show, “A Swingin’ Revolution”, for a competition. The Tiger Band was the first band on the field for the Selma Band
Review Field Competition. Once the Tiger Band finished their show, the audience clapped, and they hoped for the best. Nevada Union High School took the field once the Tiger Band had marched off the field. It was soon realised by the Tiger Band that they and Nevada Union High School were the only two bands in the ‘Class bandA’ division.

Several hours later, Katelyn Laird, Daniel Tafolla, and Patrick Kerwin (aka The Honor Guard) stood anxiously on the Selma football field as awards began. The commentator announced that Nevada Union High School had earned 2nd place in ‘Class A’. The Honor Guard stood proudly; the Tiger Band and Colorguard had earned first place in their division. Great way to end the 2015-2016 Marching Band Season!
Great job representing Woodlake Tiger Band and Colorguard!

A Swingin’ Revolution

By: Alondra Aguilar

On September 26th, the Woodlake High School Tiger Band marched in the Dinuba Raisin Day parade. As they marched along the street, they played “Manhattan Beach” by John Philip Sousa. This, however, wunnamedas not a competition. In the near future, the march will be played in an actual competition to receive a grade.

Every year, the Tiger Band has a theme for their halftime show. This year’s field show is “A Swingin’ Revolution” that will be conducted by Drum Major, Katelyn Laird. This halftime show is solely a Jazz show, and its uptempo beat will make you want to get up and dance. WHS’s show will consist of the songs “Go Daddy-O”, “Jumpin’ Jack”, “I Wanna Be Like You”, and “Jump Jive and Wail”. In the “A Swingin’ Revolution” show, there are four soloists, Andy Garcia (Alto Saxophone), Henry Pfaff (Alto Saxophone), Eduardo Estrada (Tenor Saxophone), and Erica Diaz (Piccolo).

If you’d like to support the Tiger Band at a competition, the dates are:

October 17th – Visalia Band Review

Results: 4th Place in Field and 3rd Place in Parade

October 24th –  Orange Cove Band Review

Results: 2nd Place in Field, 2nd Place for Field Conductor, and 1st Place for Drum Major with Mace

October 31st  – Selma Band Review

Fresno State Band Day Performance (9/19/15) –

Music Selections: “Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

The Fresno State Bulldog Band + The Tiger Band + 10 Other High School Bands = One Great Performance