MiLuna Aguilar Crowned Miss Woodlake 2019

By Emery Elder

The Miss Woodlake program is run by the Woodlake Chamber of Commerce and is a special program for the senior class girls who think they have what it takes to be the face of Woodlake.  The girls who participate in the program spend a lot of time fundraising by selling raffle tickets. Along with fundraising, they practice their talents, poise, and presence for the big night of the Miss Woodlake crowning.  This night consists of showing the community and judges who they really are by presenting themselves and their talents, and answering questions about the community and themselves. The girls are judged and given points for all of theses activities performed on that night.

This year’s Miss Woodlake program had the largest amount of participants of 11 girls:  Jocelyn Sanchez, Marcela Arambula, Emery Elder, Charlotte Lira, Alyssa Gonzalez, Lillian Ramirez, Marie Garcia, Jahaira Coa, Valeria Orozco, runner up Fabiola Soto, and Miss Woodlake 2019 – MiLuna Aguilar.  Woodlake High congratulates MiLuna on her big win!

Help Make The World A Better Place

By: Callie Vincent


Each year, millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. During the month of May,  the Woodlake Family Resource Center educates the public and raises awareness for those who struggle with mental illness, as well as their families.

The Children’s Art Exhibit will be held on May 12th, from 11am to 1pm right after the Woodlake Rodeo Parade is finished. The Family Resource Center will open gates for folks to come and visit! This event will be held at the new Woodlake City Plaza across the street from the park.


The Family Resource Center has 25 providers that will be presenting and outreaching for their agency and program. There will also be door prizes for children, and art will be displayed from all school aged children, representing what a happy and healthy family is to them. Some artwork displayed by clients of mental health will represent their own interpretation of receiving mental health treatment. Live entertainment and door prizes will also be at this FREE EVENT. It will be a day of celebration and awareness for mental health.


This community event is also a great opportunity for student’s to get Community Service Hours done! Help would be much appreciated. If interested, contact counseling for more information.


Recently the Woodlake Family Resource Center also held an event called Blue Ribbon Day where Child Abuse Prevention was celebrated for the month of April. It was held on April 12th with a great turn out from the community of Woodlake. Raffles, ice cream, photo booths, and a lot music were enjoyed at this free event. Every individual who attended Blue Ribbon Day played a role in creating a safe, stable and nurturing environment that is central to the great childhoods that all children deserve.


Thank you to the Woodlake Family Resource Center for all their hard work on making our small community of Woodlake a safe and happy place for everyone. They are located on 168 Valencia Blvd Woodlake, California 93286 and can be contacted at (559) 564-5212.



By: Karyme Martinez
There is a handful of students at Woodlake High School that love keeping the school clean. During 6th period every Friday, the Mrs. Thompson’s class breaks up into groups and picks up all the recycling that is collected in classes. The students won the 2017 Recycler of the Year Award for having the best recycling club in all of Tulare County schools. Students say that they love being apart of this club because it shows the students and staff to respect the campus and have pride in their community.IMG_5031.JPG

Orange Month

By: Isiah Maldonado

This month is teen dating violence awareness and prevention month, and so far it has had a lot of public interest. Every year, “approximately 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner”. With teen dating violence becoming more and more common, many people are trying to help those going through these situations. They also help prevent them by educating young adults on how to respect one another and what to do if their partner starts getting abusive. Local organizations such as My Voice and My Strength have meetings held every week at select schools, teaching students on early signs of an abusive relationship, and what to do. These local club members are even taught how to help others going through an abusive relationship. For one of the teen dating violence awareness month activities, My Voice and My Strength came together to hold an awareness booth during lunch to educate students and staff on signs of teen dating violence.


Carnival Fun

By: Jasmine Sandoval

Are you looking for a fun time and some yummy food? Who needs a night out on the town when you can stop by Woodlake High School’s carnival on March 16th from 5-8 p.m. The carnival will be held in the Leo Robinson Football Stadium and will be open to the public. Tiger athletics and other school clubs will be having carnival games such as; balloon pop, soccer shoot out, a dunk tank, football toss, corn hole, and so much more! Don’t be shy! Play some games and work up a big appetite because Tacos Galacticos, Jamba Juice, Kettle Korn, corn on the cob, and Kona Ice will also be at the carnival! The Tiger leadership class will be selling refreshing drinks as well. Don’t miss out on a fun time, see you there!

Winter Break Fun

By: Jordan Price
Over Winter Break, students had three weeks to fulfill some exciting events. Several Woodlake High School students were interviewed regarding what electrifying events happened over their break.
“What fun events did you do over Winter Break?”
Preston McKellar: “Over break I went to visit my sister, Meg Johnson, in Colorado. We went
snowboarding and I fell many times. I also went to the beach and surfed. The waves were
“What fun events did you do over Winter Break?”
Caden St. Martin: “I went to Arizona and visited some family. It was a lot of fun. I also got bit by spider and my eye was swollen. That was not so fun.
“What fun events did you do over Winter Break?”
Austin McWilliams: “I didn’t go anywhere, I just hung out on my balcony and with friends. My
Xbox got a lot of use this break too! Fortnite is my new best friend.”

Whether these students traveled or stayed home, it seems as if these students had a wonderful Winter Break away from school.


Central Valley Blue Star Moms

By: Isiah Maldonado

The Blue Star Moms are moms, joining together to share pride, devotion, and worries for sons and daughters currently serving in all branches of the Armed Forces in the United States. They first came together shortly after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. They collect needed items for Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, sending out care packages periodically. They are an official chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America, a group who formed during World War II.

Last year, WHS, and WVMS participated in the donation drive to support Blue Star Moms. They are planning to have another drive after Spring Break, letters and food will be collected and sent to troops as personal care packages, and delivered on July 4th. Students are needed to participate in the drive, help with donations, and collect them. If interested in participating in this event, talk to Ray Salazar in counseling.Concert-pic2-9-26-16-300x200

Miss Woodlake Who?

By: Claudia Zacarias

This year is full of special events, including this year’s Miss Woodlake Pageant! This year eight seniors: Genesis Gonzalez, Dominique Franco, Kiara Benavides, Gabriella Aguilar, Pia Martinez, Skye Perez, Claudia Zacarias and Crystal Sandoval will be competing for the crown. These beautiful ladies are involved in several community events, clubs, and sports year-round. Their is no doubt in our minds that whoever wins, will definitely make a positive difference in the community, but for now let’s get to know our queens.
PicsArt_10-25-10.33.16Genesis Gonzalez

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?Gonzales: “I decided to run for Miss Woodlake because I believe that I represent my town well, and I love it here.”

#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?

Gonzalez: “I am in leadership, SHAPE, GSA, MyVoice, Book Club, Art club, Interact, Key Club, and Tiger Fusion. I also played volleyball and softball and will be trying out for swimming this year.”


#3. What is your talent for the competition?
Gonzales: “For my talent, I will be playing a song on my ukulele.”


IMG_6342Dominique Franco

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?

Franco: “I decided to run for Miss Woodlake because I love the opportunity to help change the community with the other contestants.”


#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?

Franco: “I am in SHAPE, MyVoice, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, and  cheer.”

#3. If you were to win Miss Woodlake, how would you better your community?
Franco: “I would raise awareness for mental health issues because not many people understand much about it, or realize how serious it is.”


IMG_6347Kiara Benavides

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?
Benavides: “I would like to serve the community in which I’ve grown up in all my life.”

#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?

Benavides: “ I am involved in a lot of clubs and sports such as, the FFA program, where I am actually an officer. I am also involved in ASB, leadership, tennis, drama and soccer.”


#3.  What is your talent for the competition?
Benavides: “I am doing Zumba for my talent!”


Gabriela  Aguilar

#1. What are some clubs, sports, or extracurricular activities you are in that show you are a leader in your community?Aguilar: “I am a year round leader. I play Tennis, Soccer, and golf. I am secretary of our Key Club and treasurer of Interact. I also do color guard and drama.

#2. What is your talent for the competition?

Aguilar: “I will be performing a color guard routine.”

#3. What do you think is going to be the hardest aspect of the pageant?

Aguilar: “I believe that the hardest part of the competition will be the on stage questions.”

IMG_6346Skye Perez

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?Perez: “I wanted to run for Miss Woodlake because I want to give back to my community, and overall get more involved.”

#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?
Perez: “The clubs I’m involved in are Recycle club – which helps the environment- and Tiger Fusion. I also work at Spirit Halloween store in Hanford on the weekends.”

#3. What is your talent for the competition?
Perez: “My talent for the competition is decorating cupcakes in several different way in only two minutes.”


IMG_5011Claudia Zacarias

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?
Zacarias: “I decided to run for Miss Woodlake because I thought it would be a great opportunity to improve my community as well as get involved.”

#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?
Zacarias: “I am involved in several clubs such as, SHAPE, Drama, Trio, CSF, Reader make Leaders, and Interact. I am involved in sports such as, soccer and softball. I am also in Leadership which has given me the opportunity to run the students section along with two of my other friends for football games. Lastly, I am a junior chapter leader for H.O.W. Woodlake Chapter and love helping out every month at the dinners.”

#3. What is your talent for the competition?
Zacarias: “ I love to make people laugh and entertain them, so I will be lip-syncing a one woman duet to the song Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John.”
IMG_5013Pia Martinez

#1.What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?

Martinez: “I wanted to run for Miss. Woodlake because I wanted to continue to serve my community, and I wanted to serve as a role model for the younger generations.”

#2.What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?
Martinez: “I am on the Varsity Swim Team, Varsity Cheer Captain, President of the Woodlake FFA, Sequoia FFA Section Secretary, President of the Lighthouse Club, a member of Book club and I am in Drama.”


#3. What is your talent for the competition?

Martinez: “For the pageant, I will be doing a Floral demonstration as my talent. “

IMG_6345Crystal Sandoval

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?

Sandoval: “I wanted to run for Miss Woodlake because as a younger generation, I believe, we should grow with our community, and as we get older  become a bigger part within it.”

#2. If you were to win Miss Woodlake, how would you better your community?Sandoval: “If I were honored  to win Miss Woodlake, I would better my community by helping our youth become better leaders within our community.”


#3. What is your talent for the competition?

Sandoval: “My talent for the competition is showing my lamb, driving a tractor, and public speaking.”

Current Events


Las Vegas Shooting: On September 25th, 2017, a 64 year old man by the name of Stephen Padlock started shooting the Vegas Strip from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel during a country concert. This shooting marks the largest mass killing in U.S. history. During this tragedy, at least 58 people were killed, and 489 people were injured. Why did this happen?  These questions still remain a mystery.  Regardless of why, many people are showing their support by putting #PrayForVegas on social media. A go fund me account has been set up for the victims families.


California Fires: This year, California has had a multitude of wildfires, devastating wildlife and air quality across the state. A single northern California fire has destroyed 5,700 buildings, and claimed the lives of 13 people. California is known for its many yearly fires, but this year’s number of wildfires has skyrocketed to an all time high. With the recent drought and lack of rainfall, many parts of California have been dry, making it easier for fires to start and spread. Many people are donating their time through volunteering to help firefighters, passing out water, and meals to those fighting the fires. If you would like to help, donate cases of water and canned food to your local fire department.

By: Isiah Maldonado


Lighthouse Club Helps The Central Valley

By: Charlotte Lira

Serving in the U.S. military far away from home – whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Germany, Africa or any of our dozens of other overseas military bases – is difficult at any time of year, but most service members really long for a “hug from home” during the holidays. Something as simple as a package of soup, some powdered drink mix, sunscreen, lip balm, baby wipes, fresh razors or a new deck of cards sent to one person can lift the morale of an entire unit of soldiers.

The Lighthouse Club at WHS are going to be placing bins around the campus during the next few weeks to collect items to send to our service members through Central Valley Blue Star Moms.

If you know any military personnel who are serving outside the U.S., please feel free to contact Mrs. Hallmeyer or any member of Lighthouse Club, and they can help your loved one get signed up.

We are asking your help in gathering materials to send. Here is a list of items that we can use:

Beef Jerky Cup-O-Noodles Baby Wipes

Trail Mix Packaged nuts Disposable razors

Hard candy Breath mints

Protein bars Protein powder

Sunflower seeds Pumpkin seeds

Tuna packets Lunch kits

Playing cards Flavor packets for water bottles

Cotton socks – black only Lip balm

Please note: We are not able to send scented items or liquids since they might contaminate food items. Also, no chocolate or anything that might melt.

Watch for our bins coming in April!