Lighthouse Club Helps The Central Valley

By: Charlotte Lira

Serving in the U.S. military far away from home – whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Germany, Africa or any of our dozens of other overseas military bases – is difficult at any time of year, but most service members really long for a “hug from home” during the holidays. Something as simple as a package of soup, some powdered drink mix, sunscreen, lip balm, baby wipes, fresh razors or a new deck of cards sent to one person can lift the morale of an entire unit of soldiers.

The Lighthouse Club at WHS are going to be placing bins around the campus during the next few weeks to collect items to send to our service members through Central Valley Blue Star Moms.

If you know any military personnel who are serving outside the U.S., please feel free to contact Mrs. Hallmeyer or any member of Lighthouse Club, and they can help your loved one get signed up.

We are asking your help in gathering materials to send. Here is a list of items that we can use:

Beef Jerky Cup-O-Noodles Baby Wipes

Trail Mix Packaged nuts Disposable razors

Hard candy Breath mints

Protein bars Protein powder

Sunflower seeds Pumpkin seeds

Tuna packets Lunch kits

Playing cards Flavor packets for water bottles

Cotton socks – black only Lip balm

Please note: We are not able to send scented items or liquids since they might contaminate food items. Also, no chocolate or anything that might melt.

Watch for our bins coming in April!

2016 Woodlake Awards Dinner

By: Adin Ross

The marvelous and spectacular Woodlake Awards Dinner occurred on Friday, March 3rd in the one and only, Woodlake Veterans’ Memorial Building. This dinner was hosted by the great Kiwanis of Woodlake. Key Club served a delicious dinner, which included, pork, mac n cheese, salad, and some rich veggies. Some listed awards were Anthony Perez, Man of the Year, Marsha Ingrao (Woman of the year), Lifetime Achievement Award: Frank Ainley and Ida Jean, Spirit of Woodlake, H.O.W (Helping One Woman) – Nicole Macias, Youth of the Year: Brook Rivas and William Theis, Community Organization, Trinity Apostolic Church, Youth Mentor, Juan Gamez, Education of the Year, Darlene Hardcastle, and last but not least, Business of the Year, Panaderia La Estrella. All of the award winners deserve a round of applause because of their sincere representation of Woodlake.



Jazzaffair By: Kassidy Hildebrand

April 7th, 8th, and 9th of 2017 marks the 44th Annual Jazzaffair in Three Rivers, California. Jazzaffair is a multi-day jazz concert held by the Sierra Traditional Jazz Club. This event hosts some of the most famous bands and solo artists in the nation. One band in particular, the High Sierra Jazz Band, has been on multiple world tours and is the most famous band at this event. Jazzaffair attracts people from all over the nation. The band lineup this year consists of the High Sierra Jazz Band, Blue Street Jazz Band, Bob Draga, Cornet Chop Suey, Flip Oaks Quartet, Grand Dominion Jazz Band, High Street Band, Jerry Krahn Quartet, Kylie Castro, Carl Sonny Leyland, Shelley, Bill and Eddie, Stardust Cowboys, Titan Hot Seven Jazz Band, and Tom Rigney. These bands travel from all over the nation to perform at Jazzaffairs. If you are interested in this jazz filled weekend, tickets are sold online, and all ages are welcome. The Early Birds 3-day all day event badge is $95. The 3-day all day event badge is $100, and if you want to bring your children along, they are $50 each (no age limit). If you are interested in going to the recognition dinner, tickets are $15 each. The seventh graders at Three Rivers Union School, also work the event serving lunch and dinner to all those who come out.


You Forgot the “e”!

By Juan Macias
3.14159265…How did someone get those numbers? “What are those numbers,” one might ask? Those randomly ordered numbers are not so random, they are actually the solution to 22/7, imagesand they go on forever. They are the digits of Pi, π and were first discovered by an Ancient Greek Mathematician of Syracuse, who gave a close estimation of what Pi is today. Pi is widely mistaken to be another subject taught in school and appears to be useless when being used in a math class, but its use is major. Pi is used in careers that make our everyday lives, si240px-Prince-of-pimple and easy, such as astronomy, physics, engineering and architecture. Without any of those jobs, life today would be impossible. So why not celebrate it? Larry Shaw, a physicist, organized the first celebration of Pi March 14, of 1988, in San Francisco, but became national on the 22nd of July 2009. Well when is Pi day? The correct guess would be 3/14 or March 14, but Pix-wide-communityonce every century people can celebrate not only the first three numbers of Pi but the first five, March 14th of –15. So readers who didn’t celebrate it this year, you’ve always got a chance next year.

Mr. Steal Your Girl

By: Isiah Maldonado



This year one of our fellow classmate, Juan Sandoval has received an amazing opportunity to be apart of Boys State. So what is a Boys State? The Boys State summer time educational program was first founded by The American Legion, specifically two Illinois Legionnaires in 1935. Boys State is a well known program and has 2.9 million members. Those who participate in Boys State learn the rights, privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens.The training objective is structured on the the branches of government, judicial, legislative, and executive. The Boys State program specifically recruits high school boys for  governmental experiences. These experiences offered by the Boys State program can open up many future opportunities. Not just anyone can be apart of Boys State, you must be selected, have good grades, and a leader of their class.


Congratulations Juan for the great opportunity!

Band Fam!

By: Shania Finney

This March, March 3rd to be exact, the band at Woodlake High School went to the CMEA Festival! CMEA stands for the California Music Education Association. The band attends every year, if not, almost every year. The CMEA festival is a time for schools from all over to come to one place and perform in front of judges. It is not an actual competition, but the groups do get rated on a normal grading scale by how well they perform as well as the fundamentals in their performance. The festival was held at Porterville High School this year and Woodlake got a grade of an 82 out of 100! A great score of a B and a fun time for the band! After their performance, they all hung out, had lunch, and enjoyed the rest of their day because of their hard work. Below is a very small portion of the Woodlake group who took dashing photos in their uniforms. Next time we hope to get the entire group! Great job Woodlake Band!


Women Rule!

Womens-Rights-Equal-Human-Rights-650x431 (1).jpg

By: Isabella Franco

In 1884, the first Women’s Convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York.  The convention was the first step towards bringing awareness to the the world that women wanted to break free from the stereotypical traits that the world had portrayed them out to be. Women were tired of not having the same equal rights as men.  Their rights were denied simply because they were women.  As women started to join the workforce they started to see the injustice and the treatment they received from men just because they were women.  Women’s fight started with obtaining the right to vote and did not stop fighting until they got the right to vote. On August 20th, 1920, all that hard work finally paid off, and the right for women to vote was embedded in the constitution, but the women’s fight did not stop there.  For centuries, women have been fight for women’s right for better pay, rights for an education, and better treatment overall. Yes, women’s right have improved over the last hundreds of years, but it’s still a long fight.  The attitude that individuals have towards women has nothing to do with their ability to do a job or hold a right just because they are a woman. Women will never stop to rally together to make sure that their voices are heard. On March 8, 2017, women across the nation rallied together to send out an message that even though women have advanced as a gender, women still have a long way to obtain the same equality and fair treatment.  

Giving back to the kids!

 By: Jocelyn Sanchez

One dollar may not seem like a lot of money, but it has great power joined with the other thousands of dollars donated on March 7. Kids Day is a time when the entire Valley comes together to raise money for Valley Children’s Hospital located in Fresno, and highlight the incredible work that this hospital does for our children every day of the year. Thousands of thoughtful newspapers are sold to raise awareness, and all around the world kids day is celebrated to honor kids in need. The money that is raised is donated to each Children’s hospital throughout the Valley. All grades from kindergarten through high school get the opportunity to help out children in need and earn community service hours. Overall, Kids Day is a really great organization fund that gives back to the kids, because no child should ever have to go through multiple surgeries every year. Let’s help raise awareness!

California Thursday


By: Misty Stevenson

The school district has recently implemented a new food program called “California Thursday”. The reason behind the name is to serve the freshest fruit and vegetables possible on Thursdays. By doing this, Woodlake schools are supporting local and state farmers. The food that is served on “California Thursday” is 100% grown in California. This is also a way to celebrate California and all this state has to offer. By serving food fresh from California, it helps diminish the carbon footprint that is found in the food. It started off as a once a month event, but the district is hoping to make it an every Thursday event.  So far it has been successful, and it will be interesting to see how this event can impact the students and staff of Woodlake. Woodlake, let’s take the time to appreciate the food California has to offer!

Love Doctor!

By Shania Finney

It is that time of the year again! Flowers, candy, teddy bears, hugs, and more is given out. Every year on February 14th, gifts are exchanged between loved ones and this is considered a well known day such as Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air!


The reason behind how and why Valentine’s Day was created is because of a man called Saint Valentine. Valentine was a priest who was known in the third Century in Rome and served time. During that time, the Emperor, Claudius II made a rule that men who are not married, or are in any relationship with a women, were the only people who were fit to serve in war. Valentine saw injustice in this, and decided to secretly marry young couples together anyways. Soon Valentine was discovered, and Claudius ordered for him to be put to death. There are many other murky stories to why Valentine’s was considered the iconic figure to starting Valentine’s Day, such as helping Christians escape the Roman prisons. Behind all these several reasons and stories, the main thing about them was that he was well known for being a sympathetic, heroic, romantic man. Many believe that Valentine’s Day is in remembrance of Valentine’s death and it lives on every single year on the 14th of February.