Flicks to Watch

By: Juan Sandoval



A Dog’s Purpose
Rated: PG

A Dog’s Purpose is a must watch movie that is a roller coaster of emotions. The story revolves around the many lives of a dog. In his first life, the young dog loses his best friend at his death. Later he realizes that he keeps being born over and over into new lives, and with each one, he must fulfill his purpose. In one life, the dog is reunited with his initial owner, little does the owner know it is his long lost friend. This movie will be out on January 27.


Rated: PG- 13

Rings, a new thriller coming out on February 3, 2017 will make you drop your popcorn and hate videos. It all begins when a girl receives a video and opens it, by watching the video her death countdown begins. Anyone who watches the video will die in seven days, throughout the movie her and her boyfriend try to escape death. Will they make it? Catch this movie in theaters near you.


The Lego Movie Batman
Rated: PG

Now in theaters, an action-packed comedy, Legos and Batman team up to fight evil. This duo will have you hooked to the screen with its ups and downs and comedic plot. Why wouldn’t you want to watch this flick, it’s Legos and Batman, every boy’s favorite duo. Get your tickets and save the date, because this movie will be out on February 10, 2017.

Must Watch Flicks

By: Juan Sandoval



Sing, the animated movie that hit theaters this year, is topping charts with its creative plot. The theater owner, Buster Moon has one last chance to save his career and decided to hold a talent show. Animals audition to be the next top singer in this fictional movie. The characters go through many ups and downs, but at the end the comical heart felt story will give a smile. Sing is now in theaters, so go take a look!



This thriller is one for the books for sure. Split is about one man who has a personality disorder, and his mind houses 23 different personalities. The story really begins when Kevin, the man with the disorder, kidnaps 3 teenage girls and holds them captive. Throughout the film the girls try to escape the sinister chamber they are held in. Split is now in theaters, so go buy a ticket and have a thrilling great time.


Why Him?

Why Him is a hilarious movie that will be the highlight of the night. It features James Franco, who plays the role of a crazy out of control man who lives his life on the edge. Zoey Deutch plays the girlfriend of James Franco in the movie, who are both complete polar opposites, and Zoey’s dad does not approve of their relationship. Throughout the movie, the new soon to be family experience many ups and downs that they have to resolve before their wedding date. Catch this film playing now in any theater.

Movie Night Top Picks By

By: Juan Sandoval

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Winter Break coming up, there will be a large amount of free time to watch movies. Make the popcorn and get a blanket, because these are some of the top picked movies that will make your vacation time a bit more interesting.



Trolls is the movie of the year that has everyone talking about how amazing it is. The plot is based on these small creatures called Trolls that are always singing and dancing having a great time. Everything is great until the Trolls worst nightmare appear, the Bergens. The Bergens can only feel happiness when they eat trolls. The Bergens trap and contain all the Trolls and the story goes from there. This movie will be in theaters November 4, 2016 so set your calendar and get ready for a fun hour and 44 minutes.


The Edge of Seventeen:

The Edge of Seventeen is based on a teen girl’s (Nadine) life, and her struggles trying to fit in. Her and her best friend are inseparable, but things start changing when her best friend starts dating Nadine’s brother. Nadine starts feeling left out once her brother and her best friend start spending more time together she starts to realize she is more awkward than she though. Watch Nadine’s awkward adventure on November 18, 2016.



The new Disney movie of the year is officially here and Disney never disappoints its audience with its family friendly movies. Moana is based on a young Samoan girl who is a great example of girl power. Moana is tough and adventurous and her personality gets her into some trouble throughout the movie. Moana is a great mix of adventure, and comedy with just a touch of classic old Disney’s heartwarming message. Get your summer spirit on and set clear your calendar because Moana comes November 23, 2016.  

Is the Popcorn Ready?

By: Juan Sandoval

Fall is here and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air. With Halloween around the corner, some of the best scary movies are being released this month. Get your extra large bucket of popcorn, and your scary movie buddy ready, because these are the newest scary movies that will make you regret turning off the lights.


Ouija Origin Of Evil is about a woman who is a widow. Being a mother of two, she decides to scam people in LA by telling them that she has the ability to talk to spirits in order to make ends meet. Little does the woman know, that the Ouija board would invite nefarious spirits in her and her 2 daughters’ lives. Catch this film on October 21, 2016 in a theater near you.


Madea (Tyler Perry’s) new movie Boo a Madea Halloween is a new horror comedy coming this month. Madea spends Halloween taking care of her teen niece and her niece’s friends, when they begin experiencing horrifying experiences with ghosts and other paranormal creatures. This movie will make you laugh, so get ready! It will be in a theater near you on October 21, 2016.


Stranger Things is not a movie, it is a series that was released in July. Not to mention this amazing, addicting, series would be a sin. Stranger Things is about a scary creature called a Demogoron that is swallowing people to the underside. Throughout the show, the cast looks for Will, a young boy who is taken. Throughout the search the cast is faced with dangerous situations. Make sure you have time because I guarantee you will not have time to take your eyes off the screen.