Miss Woodlake Who?

By: Claudia Zacarias

This year is full of special events, including this year’s Miss Woodlake Pageant! This year eight seniors: Genesis Gonzalez, Dominique Franco, Kiara Benavides, Gabriella Aguilar, Pia Martinez, Skye Perez, Claudia Zacarias and Crystal Sandoval will be competing for the crown. These beautiful ladies are involved in several community events, clubs, and sports year-round. Their is no doubt in our minds that whoever wins, will definitely make a positive difference in the community, but for now let’s get to know our queens.
PicsArt_10-25-10.33.16Genesis Gonzalez

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?Gonzales: “I decided to run for Miss Woodlake because I believe that I represent my town well, and I love it here.”

#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?

Gonzalez: “I am in leadership, SHAPE, GSA, MyVoice, Book Club, Art club, Interact, Key Club, and Tiger Fusion. I also played volleyball and softball and will be trying out for swimming this year.”


#3. What is your talent for the competition?
Gonzales: “For my talent, I will be playing a song on my ukulele.”


IMG_6342Dominique Franco

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?

Franco: “I decided to run for Miss Woodlake because I love the opportunity to help change the community with the other contestants.”


#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?

Franco: “I am in SHAPE, MyVoice, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, and  cheer.”

#3. If you were to win Miss Woodlake, how would you better your community?
Franco: “I would raise awareness for mental health issues because not many people understand much about it, or realize how serious it is.”


IMG_6347Kiara Benavides

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?
Benavides: “I would like to serve the community in which I’ve grown up in all my life.”

#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?

Benavides: “ I am involved in a lot of clubs and sports such as, the FFA program, where I am actually an officer. I am also involved in ASB, leadership, tennis, drama and soccer.”


#3.  What is your talent for the competition?
Benavides: “I am doing Zumba for my talent!”


Gabriela  Aguilar

#1. What are some clubs, sports, or extracurricular activities you are in that show you are a leader in your community?Aguilar: “I am a year round leader. I play Tennis, Soccer, and golf. I am secretary of our Key Club and treasurer of Interact. I also do color guard and drama.

#2. What is your talent for the competition?

Aguilar: “I will be performing a color guard routine.”

#3. What do you think is going to be the hardest aspect of the pageant?

Aguilar: “I believe that the hardest part of the competition will be the on stage questions.”

IMG_6346Skye Perez

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?Perez: “I wanted to run for Miss Woodlake because I want to give back to my community, and overall get more involved.”

#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?
Perez: “The clubs I’m involved in are Recycle club – which helps the environment- and Tiger Fusion. I also work at Spirit Halloween store in Hanford on the weekends.”

#3. What is your talent for the competition?
Perez: “My talent for the competition is decorating cupcakes in several different way in only two minutes.”


IMG_5011Claudia Zacarias

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?
Zacarias: “I decided to run for Miss Woodlake because I thought it would be a great opportunity to improve my community as well as get involved.”

#2. What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?
Zacarias: “I am involved in several clubs such as, SHAPE, Drama, Trio, CSF, Reader make Leaders, and Interact. I am involved in sports such as, soccer and softball. I am also in Leadership which has given me the opportunity to run the students section along with two of my other friends for football games. Lastly, I am a junior chapter leader for H.O.W. Woodlake Chapter and love helping out every month at the dinners.”

#3. What is your talent for the competition?
Zacarias: “ I love to make people laugh and entertain them, so I will be lip-syncing a one woman duet to the song Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John.”
IMG_5013Pia Martinez

#1.What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?

Martinez: “I wanted to run for Miss. Woodlake because I wanted to continue to serve my community, and I wanted to serve as a role model for the younger generations.”

#2.What are some clubs, sports or extracurricular activities are you in that show you are a leader in your community?
Martinez: “I am on the Varsity Swim Team, Varsity Cheer Captain, President of the Woodlake FFA, Sequoia FFA Section Secretary, President of the Lighthouse Club, a member of Book club and I am in Drama.”


#3. What is your talent for the competition?

Martinez: “For the pageant, I will be doing a Floral demonstration as my talent. “

IMG_6345Crystal Sandoval

#1. What made you want to run for Miss Woodlake?

Sandoval: “I wanted to run for Miss Woodlake because as a younger generation, I believe, we should grow with our community, and as we get older  become a bigger part within it.”

#2. If you were to win Miss Woodlake, how would you better your community?Sandoval: “If I were honored  to win Miss Woodlake, I would better my community by helping our youth become better leaders within our community.”


#3. What is your talent for the competition?

Sandoval: “My talent for the competition is showing my lamb, driving a tractor, and public speaking.”

You Forgot the “e”!

By Juan Macias
3.14159265…How did someone get those numbers? “What are those numbers,” one might ask? Those randomly ordered numbers are not so random, they are actually the solution to 22/7, imagesand they go on forever. They are the digits of Pi, π and were first discovered by an Ancient Greek Mathematician of Syracuse, who gave a close estimation of what Pi is today. Pi is widely mistaken to be another subject taught in school and appears to be useless when being used in a math class, but its use is major. Pi is used in careers that make our everyday lives, si240px-Prince-of-pimple and easy, such as astronomy, physics, engineering and architecture. Without any of those jobs, life today would be impossible. So why not celebrate it? Larry Shaw, a physicist, organized the first celebration of Pi March 14, of 1988, in San Francisco, but became national on the 22nd of July 2009. Well when is Pi day? The correct guess would be 3/14 or March 14, but Pix-wide-communityonce every century people can celebrate not only the first three numbers of Pi but the first five, March 14th of –15. So readers who didn’t celebrate it this year, you’ve always got a chance next year.

Women Rule!

Womens-Rights-Equal-Human-Rights-650x431 (1).jpg

By: Isabella Franco

In 1884, the first Women’s Convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York.  The convention was the first step towards bringing awareness to the the world that women wanted to break free from the stereotypical traits that the world had portrayed them out to be. Women were tired of not having the same equal rights as men.  Their rights were denied simply because they were women.  As women started to join the workforce they started to see the injustice and the treatment they received from men just because they were women.  Women’s fight started with obtaining the right to vote and did not stop fighting until they got the right to vote. On August 20th, 1920, all that hard work finally paid off, and the right for women to vote was embedded in the constitution, but the women’s fight did not stop there.  For centuries, women have been fight for women’s right for better pay, rights for an education, and better treatment overall. Yes, women’s right have improved over the last hundreds of years, but it’s still a long fight.  The attitude that individuals have towards women has nothing to do with their ability to do a job or hold a right just because they are a woman. Women will never stop to rally together to make sure that their voices are heard. On March 8, 2017, women across the nation rallied together to send out an message that even though women have advanced as a gender, women still have a long way to obtain the same equality and fair treatment.  

2017 Lunar Eclipse


By Jordan Price

Friday nights are usually pretty special, but one with a lunar eclipse makes this Friday  even more special.  This event occurred on February 10. The penumbral lunar eclipse, as it’s called, should be easily visible from much of the world. The comet will fly past Earth, coming within 7.4 million miles, this may seem far, but it is the closest one that will come in the next 30 years. The comet appeared in the western sky, in the constellation Hercules. Binoculars and telescopes will help in the search, but at its closest approach, it might even be visible with the naked eye. If you did not see the lunar eclipse then, here is another look at it.


By Juan Macias
Many students ask their educators and fellow peers why portfolios are a requirement to graduate from high school? With many high schools today requiring a portfolio to graduate, it’s no wonder why students are becoming curious. Many students say that portfolios are time consuming, stressful, and in the end, not enough of the required information is put to valuable use. Students are required to have current and past grades, list of classes taken, an introduction essay, resume, and a plethora of past assignments in their portfolio. This doesn’t even include the mass amounts of community service hours that are required from each student as well. Through the many mind boggling times, and countless hours spent finishing portfolio and community service, is the end product useful? Students from Woodlake High School were asked their opinion regarding whether or not portfolios are necessary for graduation requirements.


A junior, Arbol Ortega, a fellow student and Woodlake High School says they are useful in some cases to get job and and possibly to get into college; however, not receiving much help from the teachers and counselors made it difficult, and maybe if they made tutorials on how to perfect their portfolios would be helpful.


Leonel Mercado, also a junior at Woodlake High School, believes they are pointless and worthless. He explains that students shouldn’t be required to fill some binder full with records when the school already has records of their grades, classes, and attendance. He states, “If they were less time consuming a student would gladly get them done with no hassle.”


Mixy Barreto, a soon graduating senior, said that the portfolio helped her to decide what she wants to pursue as her career, as well as what college she would like to attend. She says she wished she started earlier because the process does take time, and she rushed through her portfolio. She believes she could have done better if she would have slowed the process down an bit and really thought about her plans. She says that, “the Graduate Outcome portion appears to be of no use because the colleges look more at your grades and your extracurricular activities, and they don’t bother to look at work you did in ninth, tenth, or eleventh grade.”


Shea Bartlett, another student of the class of 2017, says it helped her with her resume, and opened the door to a variety of colleges that she could attend in the near future. Like many others, she regrets not taking her time on this important requirement. Also she wishes she could have put more effort into certain parts because it really helps students get into colleges and get jobs. Shea says that.” the Graduate Outcome portion is unnecessary because they make no difference when attending a college or filling out your resume.”

NBA Playoffs

By: Adin Ross and John Poo
The NBA Playoffs are officially here, and you should be very excited! This year’s Western Conference consists of the Warriors, Trail Blazers, Clippers, Jazz, Rockets, Thunder, Spurs, and the Grizzlies. The Eastern Conference consists of the Celtics, Bulls, Wizards, Hawks, Raptors, Bucks, Cavs, and the Pacers. All of these teams have worked very hard to get where they are right now, they put their blood, sweat, and tears into every game. It takes an enormous amount of dedication and shows how dedicated these players really want it. Some series to watch out for, The 8th seed Bulls are currently ahead of the 1st seed Celtics. Chicago with a 2-0 lead, definitely has a major cushion, the 8th seed has never been up 2-0 except one time, in 1993, the 8th seed, Lakers, were ahead of the 1st seed Suns by 2-0. But with playoffs you never know because the Suns ended up coming back from the 2-0 deficit and winning the series. Another important series is the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook, one of the most athletic, destructive, aggressive point guards of all time is going against James Harden, one of the most sharpshooting, relentless, explosive guards of all time. They are currently racing for MVP and we will have to see who really deserves it on June 26, the awards ceremony. The NBA Playoffs is one of the most unpredictable experience because so many times, teams have come back from large leads. Last year, the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. That was by far the biggest upset of all time, and it just shows that if you work hard for something, put your heart in, strive for your team to win, then great results will show.


New Year, New Hits!

imagesdownloadbruno-mars-24k-magic-lyrics-2By:Charlotte Lira
As the New Year begins we leave behind the old hits and bring in the new. Here are the Top 20 iTunes hits that we are starting 2017 off with!
1. Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran
2. I Don’t Want To Live Forever – Zayn & Taylor Swift
3. Bad and Boujee (ft. Lil Uzi Vert) – Migos
4. Paris – The Chainsmokers
5. Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello
6. 24k Magic – Bruno Mars
7. I Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk) – The Weeknd
8. This Town – Niall Horan
9. All Time Low – Jon Bellon
10. Closer (ft. Halsey) – The Chainsmokers
11. iSpy (ft. Lil Yachty) – KYLE
12. Fake Love – Drake
13. Love On The Brain – Rhianna
14. Don’t Want To Know (ft. Kendrick Lamar) – Maroon 5
15. Way Down We Go -Kaleo
16. Better Man – Little Big Town
17. Say You Wont Let Go – James Arthur
18. Black Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane) – Rae Sremmurd
19. Blue Aint Your Color – Keith Urban
20. Let Me Love You (ft. Justin Bieber) – DJ Snakes

The Great Speech

By Adin Ross

The 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, gave an interesting speech during the 2017 Inaugural Ball, in which the U.S. citizens will never forget.Throughout his speech, President Trump made many promises to the country,praised Mr. Obama for his glorious work within office, and thanked all of his supporters. One of Trump’s main promises was to bring back much needed jobs for the American  people. He stated that one of his major goals as president is to decrease the amount of people on welfare and put them back to work. Citizens hope he can keep his promise because increasing the employment rate would be a miracle. Several citizens are hardworking, yet it is lazy and unmotivated that need to find a job in order to help the economy.

The unemployment rate has been higher since President Clinton so Trump is hoping to see an increase during his 4 year term. Another questionable topic that most of us are aware of is Trump’s wall idea. Although the border patrol agents have doubled since 2001, and there are still thousands of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers still getting through. Mr. Trump blames past presidents for the crime rate rising because of the lack of border protection. However, this is a controversial topic that is leading to problems. Looking back to Mr. Obama’s Inaugural speech we can notice there are almost double the amount of citizens that attended his events than Trump’s. There has been many parades and marches protesting Trump and his campaign because of his thoughts and beliefs; however, America will have to wait and see if Trump will stay true to his promises and  really makes our country great again.

“What about America?”


by: Anthony Guzman

This year’s election has been one wild ride, with two candidates who are serious but hysterical to watch debate. In the top left, Donald J Trump, and on the top Right Hillary Clinton. After 13 months, these two candidates made it to finals, showing what they’re capable of. Both candidates had different takes on many of the big issues we have in the United States, for example: immigration, gun rights, LGBT, medial, border control, etc. On November 8th, 2016, the day finally came where America would finally have their voice. After hours of waiting, America spoke, and Donald Trump took the office winning with over 290 electoral votes.

Stop Clowning Around!

By Desirae Bryant

October is a month full of falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and spooky stories. It’s the time of the year when Children of all ages- and those few adult children- dress up in costumes and roam the night in search of free candy. Goblins and ghouls, vampires and werewolves, all on the hunt for a sweet snack and a good time.clown This year; however, a new breed of predator has hit the streets, and evidently, they are quite terrifying. Clown sightings have been flooding national news headlines. Now, one might think: “Clowns? What’s so scary about clowns”. Well, these clowns are not your typical birthday party, balloon blowing, friends. These are the types of clowns that cause you to lie awake at three a.m. fearing for your personal safety. The sightings began around late August in South Carolina, when children reported a clown attempting to lure them into nearby woods. A pair of children in Georgia claimed they ran for their lives from a clown while waiting at their local bus stop on their way to school. Stories such as these continue to catch the eyes of concerned citizens all over the nation.clowns Though the accounts have been determined as pranks by law enforcement, police are still taking the situation seriously. More than a dozen individuals have been arrested in connection to the sightings. This new phenomenon is a frightening start to a very fun-filled month, so watch yourselves when trick-or-treating, or even when roaming the streets around town. You may never know what lies ahead.