Mexican Folk Dance

By: Isiah Maldonado and Jasmine Gomez

Mexican folk dance was believed to first be practiced in the early 1500’s. The dance is an uneven synthesis of different cultural traditions. It’s historical roots is the synthesis of indigenous, European and African cultural influences but it continues to evolves with influences from modern pop culture. The attire of the dancers is so beautiful the different contrast of the colors catch many of the viewer’s eyes leaving them amused, not only with the beautiful dance performed, but by their amazing outfits.

Here at Woodlake High School, Mexican Folk Dance is offered as an elective, in which many partake in to honor and learn about the heritage. One student here at Woodlake High School has a remarkable passion for Mexican Folk Dancing and you can tell by the way she talks about it and the way she dances. That student is Jackie Villapando; Ms. Villapando believes that dancing has made a tremendous change in her life by giving her a better insight about her culture and letting her get first hand experience with the many types of dances. She also states that, “It helps express myself”. We urge all students to try out something new like Mexican Folk Dancing, so the next time you’re choosing electives, think about this great opportunity of having the chance to learn about the Mexican culture.


Spring Dress Code- Do’s and Don’ts

By Jordan Price and Jacey Reisinger

Spring season is here! With the change of weather, there will be a change in the student’s outfits. Girls, make sure your shorts are long enough and your shirts are high enough at the top, no low cut shirts. Also make sure that your tank tops have thick straps, no shoulders and no razor backs. Boys, make sure your pants are pulled up and your underwear is not showing, also tank tops must be fitted around the armpits and cannot be low cut, no skin should be showing on the sides, on the back, or shoulders. Girls, If your bra straps are showing than that is not in dress code. All bra straps must not be showing in order to follow dress code. If students do not follow the dress code you will be representing your high school with a P.E shirt, so if that is not your desired outfit, be sure to follow this code.


image2 (1)image1 (1)image6

Senior Exit Interview

By: Alyssa Baker and Isabella Franco

On April 21st, and April 28th, all the seniors at Woodlake High School completed the stressful process of Senior Exit Interviews. The purpose behind the Senior Exit Interview is to help prepare the students gain some interviewing skills for future job or college interviews.  It also helps the students get rid of some nervous nerves that they might have for future interviews because they already have some interviewing experience based on their Local Scholarship interviews. Most of the questions were about where do you see yourself in 5 years, or either mostly about how your skills can help your career, or any job that is being considered. The FotorCreated7Senior Exit interview is a very important day for the seniors of Woodlake High School. The interview is a final requirement for graduating seniors. If students are a no show to their interview, then they will not receive their diploma and will not be able to participate in the Graduation Ceremony on June 2nd. After Seniors go through a stressful 25 minutes, they end with relief as their final requirement finishes up.


Spring Break Recap

By: Juan Sandoval & Juan Macias


Spring Break,  a time where every student forgets about the responsibility of school. A time where the weather is warm and the beach is the place to go. Here are some amazing activities the Tigers did during break!


Nikole Kimble

“During Spring Break I did many amazing activities. I went to Disneyland with my good friend and it was a blast. Towards the end of break, I also went to the beach and I got sunburn, that was definitely the highlight of my break”.


Lauren Little

“I went to San Diego! I took the bus from Hanford to Los Angeles, and from Los Angeles, I took the  Amtrak (the train) to San Diego. I spent two nights with my cousin along with Julian, then we went kayaking in the ocean and swam with the sharks”.


Jakob Bischoff

“I went to London  and I hung out with my cousins. I saw many castles and Big Ben. This trip was definitely one for the books”.

Mr. Steal Your Girl

By: Isiah Maldonado



This year one of our fellow classmate, Juan Sandoval has received an amazing opportunity to be apart of Boys State. So what is a Boys State? The Boys State summer time educational program was first founded by The American Legion, specifically two Illinois Legionnaires in 1935. Boys State is a well known program and has 2.9 million members. Those who participate in Boys State learn the rights, privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens.The training objective is structured on the the branches of government, judicial, legislative, and executive. The Boys State program specifically recruits high school boys for  governmental experiences. These experiences offered by the Boys State program can open up many future opportunities. Not just anyone can be apart of Boys State, you must be selected, have good grades, and a leader of their class.


Congratulations Juan for the great opportunity!

Teacher Talk

By: Claudia Zacarias

Woodlake High School students are always in the spotlight, but what about the teachers? Teachers obviously have lives as well, however seeing them at school verses at the store on the weekend shows different side of them you may have never seen. In order to get to know more about our teachers, they were asked some some questions. So, let’s get to know about the educators that can be our best friends or enemy, our stress-reliever or stress-giver.  

File_000 (1)Nicole Frazier, Biology Teacher

What would students be surprised to find out about you?

Frazier: “I’m not as scary as everyone thinks. I think I’m funny although they don’t think so, but I do. Actually I think I’m more eccentric,and not as weird as everyone thinks I am.”

Who inspires you?

Frazier: “ My two sisters are insane as far as just who they are as people, their respect for life, God, their health and they way they treat people. So I would definitely say that my sisters are inspiring.”

If you won the lottery would you decided to give up teaching?

Frazier: “Absolutely, I would probably email my boss and say I’m not coming in tomorrow. So yeah, I mean I love teaching, but if I could retire and could spend all day with my kid, my ponies, and maybe the husband, then yeah I would totally quit my job.”

What current trends are baffling to you?

Frazier: “In my day in age we said the word ‘chill’ and it meant to relax, but now it freaks kids out when I say chill because they automatically think I mean sex. So, the at whole ‘Netflix and Chill’ thing really boggles my mind because I literally mean  just relax and hangout. Some of the current dance moves make a lot of you look like you’re having seizures, so I wish I  understood what the heck that was because I don’t understand the whole bobbing of the head and the arms go flying. Or the whole look at your armpit thing  ‘dappin’ or ‘dappering’ whatever it is, so those kind of drive me crazy even though I try to do them because I secretly do want to look cool.”

File_001Andrew Jensen,Spanish Teacher

What would be your last meal?

Jensen: “A yummy steak because it’s juicy.”

What current trends are baffling to you?

Jensen: “I would have to say seeing the 80s style coming back because they were bad the first time, so it’s sad and not attractive when you see high waisted shorts and stuff.”

What would students be surprised to find out about you?

Jensen: “Well if I told them then it wouldn’t be a surprise any more.”

If you could grow up in any decade, which decade would you choose?

Jensen: “Well, now because I could still be me.”

File_000 (5)Richard McCue, Band Teacher

Are there any embarrassing teaching moments that you’re willing to share?

McCue: “A typical day with the band when we’re joking around.”

What’s the best and worst thing about teaching?

McCue: “ The best thing about teaching is seeing the results and that ‘ah-haa’ moment when students understand the concept. The worst thing about teaching is when students are ungrateful.”

How long do you think you would last if you were in a Zombie Apocalypse?

McCue: “I would probably be the first one to die because I look like food.”

File_000 (6)Antonio Lopez, Math Teacher

What’s your dream vacation?

Lopez: “My dream vacation would be to go to Jerusalem and visit the…is it the Great Wall? Where David built a temple for God and many people go to worship and pray. It’s a holy land and I’d think I’d really enjoy it.”

In your opinion, does technology make teaching easier or more difficult?

Lopez: “I think it does both because sometimes it can go through technical difficulties or not working the way you would like it too. Although it can make it easier, such as when your graphing because instead of doing it by hand, you type it into desmos and within a matter of seconds it appears.”

How do you remember all of your students names?

Lopez: “I don’t I give them all nicknames. Nah, by two weeks I know all there names just by looking at the seating chart and by talking to them individually.”

If you could take your students anywhere in the world, where would you take them?

Lopez: “I would take them to Israel so they can see that in this country we have the freedom of religion, and people in other countries are dying over religion. It’s sad to see, but sometimes a real life experience is exactly what we need.”

Band Fam!

By: Shania Finney

This March, March 3rd to be exact, the band at Woodlake High School went to the CMEA Festival! CMEA stands for the California Music Education Association. The band attends every year, if not, almost every year. The CMEA festival is a time for schools from all over to come to one place and perform in front of judges. It is not an actual competition, but the groups do get rated on a normal grading scale by how well they perform as well as the fundamentals in their performance. The festival was held at Porterville High School this year and Woodlake got a grade of an 82 out of 100! A great score of a B and a fun time for the band! After their performance, they all hung out, had lunch, and enjoyed the rest of their day because of their hard work. Below is a very small portion of the Woodlake group who took dashing photos in their uniforms. Next time we hope to get the entire group! Great job Woodlake Band!


Youth ACTivist Conference

By Alyssa Baker

Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm at Woodlake High School. This event is called the Youth Activist Conference. It is organized by Feminist Perspective, League of Women Voters, Family Services of Tulare County, and Woodlake High School.

The event is designed to get youth involved, and to make a difference. Each year, ACT puts on an ACTivist Conference for all program participants – equally over 100 youth across Tulare County attend this event. Youth come for a full day of leadership development, advocacy, and social justice trainings, with breakout sessions on preventing unintended pregnancy, healthy relationships, and civic participation. Prior to the retreat, youth enter a short video contest on social justice issues that impact their communities, and the videos are debuted at the retreat. Some of the greatest local advocates from organizations, such as The Source LGBT, Family Services of Tulare County, Trevor Project, and more, will be presenting at the conference.

During this event there will be several booths setup to allow students and parents to be informed on several topics. Students from Woodlake High School will be talking about teen dating violence awareness. My Voice and My Strength members will be speaking about human trafficking, healthy relationships, media safety, suicide awareness, substance abuse, sexuaity and health, and immigration and school policies.  Come out and get educated.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

By Sandra R. Murrietta


Something Wicked This Way Comes is a novel by Ray Bradbury, written in 1962, published by Simon and Schuster. The book is about fantasy, supernatural, and horror for young adults. The book shows the conflict of good and evil in every person. In Something Wicked This Way Comes is about a traveling circus ,owned by a man named Mr. Dark, that travels to a small midwestern town. This man is a wish granter, but when someone makes a wish there is a price to it.


Thirteen year old best friends, Jim Nightshade and Will Halloway, seem to be targets for Mr. Dark’s evil scheme. Some from the small town seem to have fallen under his nasty tricks he has under his sleeve. When they do, he seems to own a tattoo similar to their appearance. Not only that, but a bondage that makes those poor people work for his freak show. Jim and Will need to stay away from Mr. Dark and his wicked voodoo to keep their freedom, while the people who fall for his magic need to realize he will not fix their problems.

Stop and Smell the Roses!

By: Charlotte Lira

This year’s Sophomore Ag. Academy has been working diligently for the past five months on what is to be a rose garden at the School Farm. Over the last five months, they created their own designs within small groups and created presentations with a price list of the cost of their design ideas. They presented their presentations to a panel of judges, and the judges chose the top three designs to make it to the final round. In the final round, the top three groups were put to the test and had to combine three other designs along with theirs. The top three groups then presented again to another panel which helped choose the winning design. Congratulations to Clarissa Elias, Marianna Reynoso, Josefina Ramirez, Christopher McDermott, Luis Reyes, Bianca Tafoya, Micaela Rodriguez-Monroy, Manuel Cardenas, and Virgil “Ethan” Murehead for winning the top design. The Ag Academy will begin demolition in March in hopes of finishing the designed rose garden by the end of May. The Ag Academy hopes to see that once the Rose Garden is completed, all can visit the beautiful student led project and enjoy the smell of roses! 20170228_091122