The State of the Bathrooms

By Danielle Doria

Our campus has a bathroom problem.  The amount of privacy in our bathrooms is very limited. The girls restrooms have no locks and the holes where the handles should be are filled with paper in an attempt to allow more privacy.  Up until recently the boys restrooms had no doors whatsoever, and gave no privacy at all.  For someone using the larger restroom it is especially hard because their is no way of holding the door closed yourself, and someone would not know if you are in there unless they call out.

Teens go through many changes in their bodies throughout high school and need more privacy in this time in their life more then ever.  Students shouldn’t have to worry about someone walking in on them while they are trying to use the restroom, or have to worry about holding the door with their feet so they aren’t interrupted.  As a respectful plea to our school, we ask that our restrooms be moderately updated to allow for, at the very least, guaranteed privacy.

Sports Recap

By: Vanessa Meza


Spring sports have been in session for a few months now. Are you wondering how they’re all doing? Here’s some information to keep you updated with our players.


IMG-3935What is your favorite thing about the sport you play? My favorite thing about tennis is how thrilling and intense it can be at times during a match. Many underestimate tennis players because they think it is an easy sport but in reality it is super fun to play and it is always nice seeing new faces and making friends. Victor Leon, 10 Boys Tennis



How has swim been doing this season? This year we are 4th in league and no one has drowned yet. Pia Martinez, 12 SwimIMG-3930






What do you enjoy most about the sport you play? Once game time comes, once you step in the box, it’s competing you against the pitcher.You can’t think of your mechanics, you gotta just let your natural abilities take over. Knowing how hard the game of baseball is, knowing you can go 3 for 3 one game and strikeout four times the next makes the sport so interesting a fun. Ray Rodriguez, 11 Boys Baseball


How does it feel to have a new coaching staff? We all love the new coach and staff, they really know what they’re doing and they motivate us so much. They’ve pulled our team together, and now we’re headed in the right direction. Claudia Zacarias, 12 Softball


What has been your set goal for this season? My set goal is to beat my PR of 6 feet. Henry Hagen, 12 Track


What has been the most memorable moment this season? My most memorable moment was when I made my first par. Enrique Martinez, 12 Golf



By: Victoria Benevidez

On February 16, 2018, Woodlake Art Club went on a field trip to CalArts in Valencia, California. They have five specific schools of art offered on their campus: Dance, Film/Video, Art, Theater, and Music. The school was founded by Walt Disney and his brother Roy in 1961. CalArts was officially founded in 1970.

“Innovators from CalArts have set the leading edge of contemporary artistic practice from conceptualism, feminist art and design, video and computer music in the early years, to the Disney Renaissance, Pixar revolution, and Spongebob from interdisciplinary performance and digital design to the latest directions in creative music, interactive media, hybrid arts and immersive experience.” (CalArts catalogue)

Famous art professionals who attended CalArts include: Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands), Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Crash), Stephen Hillenburg (Spongebob), and Ed Harris (Apollo 13, The Truman Show). Students enjoyed the exposure to the offerings on campus and ate lunch on campus. IMG_1935IMG_1939

Regional Officers of Woodlake High

By: Amarys Gonzales

Rogelio Chavez and Edith Guijon have received one of the highest honors the FFA leadership organization can allow for its members. These two students have worked very hard to receive this special opportunity by being involved with competitions and several meetings, as well as being active in their chapters and sections. Both of these individuals have went above and beyond to make new connections with other Chapter members along the State of California, as well as having new FFA members here at home to feel welcomed into the Chapter. To earn this title, they both competed against many other members from different chapters to earn their position on the team. Clearly, this is something that requires a lot of hard work, determination, and endless amounts of dedication. This just goes to show that hard work pays off when you are dedicated to something.

Selma FFA: Shoemaker

IMG_1038 (1)

Student Spotlight!

By: Claudia Zacarias

It’s Springtime guys, and even though the pollen is trying to kill half of us, let’s take a moment and breathe in the sweet, fresh air and get to know more of our WHS Tigers.


IMG_6705Walter Monroy, 10th

If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?

Monroy: “I would change my name to Tyler- because Tyler Monroy, like how cool does that sound. I just like the way it sounds.”

What’s a body part that you wouldn’t mind losing?

Monroy: “I would not mind losing my middle fingers because they aren’t very necessary.”

What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

Monroy: “One of the dumbest ways I been injured was I was tripped and broke my collarbone. Cough Cough @Saul.”

IMG_6717Alyssa Inong, Senior

What ice-cream flavor is absolutely disgusting?

Inong: “ I would definitely say Mint Chip.”

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Inong: “If I won the lottery I’d probably run away to an island.”

What are you known for?

Inong: “I’m known for my long hair and looks.” (Conceded much?)


IMG_6708Jojo Gonzalez, Senior

What’s something you’d love to do, but is dangerous?

Gonzalez: “Honestly, I wish I could be a scuba diver and swim with the sharks.”

What’s a childhood myth that you wish was real?
Gonzalez: “I wished Santa Claus was real so he could give out free presents to good boys and girls.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

Gonzalez: “I hit a pole while going 55 mph, and I also won a game of Fortnite with 19 kills- *dab.”



IMG_6718Zadie Barns, Senior

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?

Barns: “In fourth grade, I use to wear a huge, puffy, red jacket that had fur on the hood. It was so embarrassing-  I looked like a man.

If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, which food would you choose?

Barns: “I’d probably eat anything potatoes, like fries, baked potatoes, and mash potatoes.”

What songs makes you cry?

Barns: “You Are Mine” by The Dixie Chicks makes me cry.”

Nutritious Meals

By Jordan Price

With all of the food given to students at both brunch and lunch, I went behind the scenes to see the hard work and the nutritious meal planning behind every student’s meal. The Woodlake High School’s dietitian intern, Eden Balment, will be giving me an inside look on what it takes to become a dietitian and plan students’ meals.

What does it take to be a dietitian?

Eden Balment: “In order to become a dietitian, you need a Bachelors Degree, and I graduated from San Luis Obispo Cal Poly in the class of 2015 with a Bachelors in Science and nutrition, and a minor in Psychology. After you graduate you must apply into an internship and complete 1,200 hours of supervised practice. Once you are completed that, you take a national exam to become a registered dietitian.”

What do you do as an intern?

“As an intern there are three different categories that we explore; there is clinical, community, and food service. Right now this is my third week in Woodlake, and I am observing the food service at a different school in Woodlake. I will be doing a taste testing experiment this Friday. For example, I will see how they react to it and how they like it. Students are very curious with their taste in food.”

What interested you to become a dietitian?

“So I was originally an Art Major; I have my AA in Graphic Design. As I grew up, I knew I was interested in art and nutrition, and my parents told me to continue going to school and one of my desires will eventually fade out. I continued to go to school and neither faded out, so I decided to become a dietitian because it involves both art and nutrition.”

Ms. Balment gave Woodlake High School an informative insight on what it takes to become a dietitian. If students are interested in Art and Nutritions maybe they can follow the same path!IMG_2011

Teacher Appreciation

By Student Reporter: Isabel Garcia


For this month’s “Teacher of the Month”, it is none other than Mrs. Goodin! She is a SPED teacher that gives her undivided attention to her students. Mrs. Goodin spends countless hours at the high school to ensure that all students have a positive learning experience. If you see Mrs. Goodin around, say hi and thank her for her devotion to Woodlake High School.

What brought you to WHS?

“I am working on finishing my teaching credential, and this was the first school that offered me a position.”


What is the best part about working here?

“I love that it is a small, tight-knit campus/community.”


What is your best experience so far this year?

“Getting to know my students.”


What have you learned about WHS and its students that is interesting or comical?

“It’s funny, to me, to see the differences between my sense of humor and my students. Generationally speaking, what I think is funny vs. what my students do, is interesting. :)”


What is something that your students do not know about you?

“While traveling overseas, my friends and I once had to bribe a police officer to keep us from being sent to jail.”


What animal best describes you and why?

“Giraffe. Giraffes are different and quirky.”

How’s Your Mental Health?

By: Claudia Zacarias

As WHS students get back into the groove of learning, Art classes throughout the day took the time to tell us about their last project, Mental Health. Several classes participated in the seven-day course that taught them how to be proactive in Mental Health situation. A huge shout out to Art (taught by the talented Mrs. Bowers) for positively informing students and trying to make Woodlake High a better place.  

IMG_1885Pria Bunn, Junior

“Why is it important to learn about Mental Health?”

Bunn: “ It is important to learn about mental health because you can help save a life. There’s nothing worse than hearing about a tragedy and knowing how you could have prevented it.”


“What was the most interesting part about Mental Health?”

Bunn: “The most interesting part about mental health was the very  similar signs between suicidal and teenage development.”


IMG_1884Jasmine Ellis, Freshmen

“What made you decide to learn about mental health; were you happy you decided too?”

Ellis: “I’m glad I took the course because several upperclassmen told me that it’s a great, and it’s really informational.”


“What was the best part about learning about Mental Health?”Ellis: “ The best part about taking Mental Health course was learning how to prevent a suicide.”


IMG_1886Jacqueline Rodriguez, Sophomore


“Would you recommend taking Mental Health to other  WHS student? Why?”

Rodriguez: “I would definitely recommend taking it because it gives you a better understanding of how to be proactive.”


“What’s that craziest thing you found out while in the course?”

Rodriguez: “The craziest thing was probably hearing all the statistics of how common it is within schools.”

Teacher of the Month! by Reyes Aguilar

Teachers are the backbone of any high school, they provide students with the information we need to succeed while also caring for us as their own. One teacher in particular this month is being recognized for her courageous attitude and her drive to put any student into the path of success. The teacher that Woodlake High School has chosen to recognize is Blanca Lucatero. Blanca Lucatero, also known as Mrs. Luc by her students, is a jack of all trades by nature. She wears many hats here at Woodlake High School. She is the AP Spanish teacher, GSA and CSF Advisor, the cross country assistant coach, and even the swim teams coach. Students are excited to enter her room, not only because she’s a phenomenal teacher, but also because she acts as a motherly figure to every single one of her students. She supports her students in multiple ways, which is much appreciated.


Q: What’s your favorite part about teaching at Woodlake High school for 18 years?
“My favorite part about being here and teaching here is building relationships with the parents of my students, and as a matter of fact, I actually now have one of my past student’s daughter in my class now; Kayla Rueda”
Q: What’s your motto for the way you handle students?
“Usually my motto for children is ‘portansen bien’, haha, but my main motto is usually to keep your options open; don’t back down to anything new as in to scholarships and college applications and things like that”
“I know this may be heartbreaking to hear, but I almost just gave up on teaching in 2009 after 10 years of teaching, mainly because I just wasn’t happy with teaching. I was left with a decision, either leave my job or continue working, despite the fact that I was unhappy. I made a decision to just go back to school and get my masters in social justice, and that is what motivated me to continue teaching”

The Start of Something New

By: Amarys Gonzales

It is finally the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year. This year has flown by leaving WHS with four months left until summer break, and for some, graduation. This semester marks the last year for many seniors, and the end of  the first year for the freshmen. Let’s see how the first semester went for some of WHS’s students.

Sierra Bolanos, Freshman

How did your first semester as a high school student go, and how is it different from middle school? “The first semester for me was a lot different than I predicted it to be; the teachers grade harder than in middle school, so I had to step up my work. It was also different being put into classes with mixed grade levels as a freshman, made things very intimidating for me.


Andres Aguilar, Sophomore

How was first semester and was it more challenging than freshman year?

“First semester was a bit of a struggle for me personally. I like to think that I’m a pretty top student, so having a C for most of the semester really woke me up. Sophomore year is more challenging than freshman year only because the teachers are assigning more work with quicker deadlines.”


Arianna Medrano, Junior

Are you looking forward to senior year? Why or why not?

“Junior year has been a lot more challenging than sophomore year, so I think I will be prepared for senior year. I am looking forward to what next year has to bring.”


Adam Lupercio, Senior

How was first semester for your senior year and do you think this semester will be more challenging?

“Personally, I felt like the first semester was more of a challenge for me coming back and getting ready to face my last year in high school, as for the second semester, I feel like if do what I did last semester, I’ll have no problems.”