It’s Tennis’ Time To Shine BY: Jessica Ruelas

The Tiger Tennis girls record for the season was 12 -2. They did great this year, and won first place in Area. The girls are moving on to the championships, not as a team, but as individuals. Let’s ask some the girls about their phenomenal season:

Brianna Guerra

Q:How long have you played tennis?

A: “I have played tennis for 3 years.”

Q: Do you plan on playing tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “I wouldn’t mind playing, but I’m not sure about it; however, I will definitely continue playing the sport as a hobby.”

Q; What is your favorite memory while  being on the tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory would be getting to experience a new sport, and being with girls who make cherishable memories fun.”

Vanessa Meza

Q: How long have you played tennis?

A: “I have played tennis for 3 years.

Q:Do you plan to play tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “ Most likely I will continue to play tennis, but just for fun.”

Q:What is your favorite memory of being on a tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory of being in a tennis team was when Mr. Judson ripped his pants”.

IMG_1225 (1)

Kiara Benavides

Q: How long have you played tennis ?

A: “I played tennis for 4 years.”

Q:Do you plan to play tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “ If I have the opportunity to play tennis I will, but I would rather stay focused in school.”

Q:What is your favorite memory of being on a tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory was winning our quarter final Valley game against Coalinga.”

Tiger Sports


By Robby Stevenson

Football started off the year 3-2 before starting the games of the East Sequoia League. Woodlake faced the state runner up for division 6, Strathmore. Woodlake humbly fell to the Spartans 63-14. The next week they were defeated by Corcoran in a tight game that came down to an executed field goal. The Tigers still can come back and make a run for it if they stay focused.

Girls Tennis is 12-2 and is 2nd in league. They have had a great season and they are expected to make it far in playoffs. Senior Briana Guerra says “We are doing great. We have accomplished goals that we did not last year.”

Girls Volleyball spiked their way into the playoffs this year. They are 7-2 in league and 14-14 overall. They are also Co- League Champs in the East Sequoia League tied with Strathmore.

Cross Country is third place in league, and is being led by The Senior Captain , Carlos Lucatero, and Jaime Navarro who currently has an 18 minute 5k. The girls cross country team is also in third place, and in the front of that group is Dulce Ramirez with a 23:59 5k. Coach Blanca Lucatero says, “ Racing over 3 miles may seem like an unlikely sport to many athletes who see running as a punishment, but to XC runners it is about a sense of accomplishment and personal goals toward constant improvement”.

This years Tiger athletes have made a successful run through league. With playoffs coming up, the Tigers will need support behind them so they can rally and compete. They have put much effort into their passion, along with some sweat, and likely some shredded tears. Each team will continue through the rest of league playing hard to represent Woodlake High.


Nail Biting Baseball

By Jordan Price

Tis the season for celebration and possibly sadness depending on what team you support.  In the first round of MLB Playoffs, the Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Indians, and Nationals were all eliminated. The Red Sox were defeated in four games to the Astros, and the Diamondbacks were swept in three games by the Dodgers. The 2016 World Series Runner-Ups, the Indians, fell to the American League West Champions, the Astros, in three games. The teams reached the American and National League Championship where the Dodgers beat the Cubs 4-1 to advance to the World Series. The Astros managed to win four games before the Yankees, which advanced the Astors to the World Series as well. In the first game of the World Series, the Dodgers defeated the Astros 3-1 in a close battle. In Game 2, both teams battled back and forth, but the Astros came up with the win. Game 3 was a close game, but the Astros came out with a win 3-5. In Game 4 the Dodgers took the win in a killing game of 6-2. Most viewers were not sure if they were watching the Home Run Derby or the World Series in a high scoring game of 12-12, until the 10th inning when the Astros won 13-12.  The series is not quite over, so stay tuned!

Spring Sports


By Robby Stevenson and Jakob Bischoff


Student athletes have been trying their hardest this Spring. Whether it be baseball and softball or track and swimming everyone is giving it their all. The seasons aren’t over yet and every team still has a chance to make a name for themselves.

Baseball has a record of 10-8 overall and is 4-3 in league. Carlos Pena is leading the team in batting average with a very respectable .347. Manny Martinez has received five wins on the mound. JV baseball is 3 and 5. Catlin Mcmains is their main pitcher. Niko Bursiaga is playing catcher and doing very well at hitting. The team is made up of primarily freshmen, but all are hardworking and determined to win.

The softball team continues to work hard, they are currently 1-15. The leading hitters, Callie Vincent and Pria Bun have accomplished the same goal; they are both home run hitters. J.V. softball is 3-4 in league, which is giving the program some hope for the future.

Swimming is second in league and they have two valley qualifiers. Mason Smith and Lauren Little have both qualified for Valley that will be held on May 12. Mason is going to Valley to compete in two events:  the 100 butterfly and 50 freestyle, while Lauren is going for 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke.



We Are Limitless!

By Jocelyn Sanchez and Charlotte Lira


This year, Woodlake FFA took 25 FFA students to the 89th Annual State Leadership Conference. The conference is a four day leadership convention with over 7 thousand FFA members in attendance from all across California. Here the FFA members come together to better their leadership skills and build great memories and friendships that last forever throughout their chapters. The Monday night concert was hosted by country star, Brent Young. Young did an outstanding performance for the 7,000 members that attended the conference. At this event our National officers held workshops that expanded comfort zones, and the various workshops consisted from welding to learning how to swing dance. The students also got the opportunity to explore the Fresno State campus.
Woodlake High School State award recipients were recognized on stage for their great accomplishments. Pia Martinez went on stage to represent Woodlake FFA  for receiving Gold National Chapter, Mrs.Pena went on stage as a San Joaquin Regional Star Counselor. There were also competition teams: Ag Computers received first high in state, with having the top four individuals representing Woodlake. Also Ag Marketing received third high at the Fresno field day competition. We also had two students in the State FFA Band, Jimi Ledesma and Rogelio Chavez. Crystal Sandoval also represented Woodlake FFA in the state choir. Gary Spivey participated in the state talent with is outstanding yo-yo tricks. California FFA was able to give  members limitless opportunities within the four days!


NBA Playoffs

By: Adin Ross and John Poo
The NBA Playoffs are officially here, and you should be very excited! This year’s Western Conference consists of the Warriors, Trail Blazers, Clippers, Jazz, Rockets, Thunder, Spurs, and the Grizzlies. The Eastern Conference consists of the Celtics, Bulls, Wizards, Hawks, Raptors, Bucks, Cavs, and the Pacers. All of these teams have worked very hard to get where they are right now, they put their blood, sweat, and tears into every game. It takes an enormous amount of dedication and shows how dedicated these players really want it. Some series to watch out for, The 8th seed Bulls are currently ahead of the 1st seed Celtics. Chicago with a 2-0 lead, definitely has a major cushion, the 8th seed has never been up 2-0 except one time, in 1993, the 8th seed, Lakers, were ahead of the 1st seed Suns by 2-0. But with playoffs you never know because the Suns ended up coming back from the 2-0 deficit and winning the series. Another important series is the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook, one of the most athletic, destructive, aggressive point guards of all time is going against James Harden, one of the most sharpshooting, relentless, explosive guards of all time. They are currently racing for MVP and we will have to see who really deserves it on June 26, the awards ceremony. The NBA Playoffs is one of the most unpredictable experience because so many times, teams have come back from large leads. Last year, the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. That was by far the biggest upset of all time, and it just shows that if you work hard for something, put your heart in, strive for your team to win, then great results will show.

NBA All-Star Weekend

By Jakob Bischoff

This years Oscars were full of drama, happiness, and lots of records. They were hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, who hosts a late night talk show, who in many people’s opinion did an amazing job. It was held in Dolby Theatre in Hollywood California. It was watched by over two-hundred  million people. The big winners of the night were Moonlight and La La Land.

Moonlight, a movie about a young man growing up in a rough neighborhood, won two awards including best picture, which is considered one of the if not the most important award. The movie La La Land, which is about a jazz musician who falls in love with an actress won six awards. These included best actress (Emma Stone), best directing, and best music. Zootopia, a Disney movie, won best animated movie.

La La Land was ironically the biggest winner and loser of the ceremony. During the announcement of best picture the envelopes that hold the winners got mixed up. This caused the host to say that La La Land had won best picture, when in reality moonlight had won. All of the actors and directors from La La Land came to the stage with big smiles on their faces thinking that they had just won one of the most important categories. This all changed quickly when the host, Jimmy Kimmel, start telling the cast members that there had been a mistake. This all ended with a member of La La Land’s cast stepping up and announcing that Moonlight was the real winner of best picture. In the end the members of La La Land all congratulated the members of Moonlight and everything seemed relatively normal again. Many people on twitter called this whole ordeal a publicity act.

All in all this year’s Oscars were extremely entertaining. Whether it was because of the entertaining host or the fact that the drama made it a bit more exciting to watch,  most people are saying that this year’s oscars were a huge success.

Hee-Haw Game Time

By Alyssa Baker

For those who are unfamiliar, Donkey Basketball is an annual FFA basketball game that takes place every year. The amazing AG teachers, run a presale of tickets before the day of the game, and the top sellers get to ride donkeys. On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Woodlake FFA vs Exeter FFA had their annual donkey basketball game, taking the win at 8 to 7. The game was intense and fun. The whole night was filled with laughter and cheers as Woodlake took home the win! The game was almost sold out of tickets, and everyone enjoyed the game. Congratulations to our riders on the amazing game!

During halftime of the game, our FFA Sweetheart was crowned by last years queen, Kiara Benavides! Congratulations to Reanna Munoz for winning the crown for FFA Sweetheart last Thursday night. Good Job to the other competitors; Callie Vincent, Pia Martinez, and Edith Guijon.

Super Bowl 51

By: Dylan Mills


Super Bowl 51 was a banger! This game was played by the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. This year’s game was action packed and included the first ever overtime in Super Bowl history. In the first quarter, the game started off very slow  with each team scoring a whopping zero points. The second quarter, on the other hand, was very interesting. The Falcons put up 21 points on the board, leaving the Patriots down 21-3. Going into halftime, the Patriots were down by 18 points.


Lady Gaga takes over the stage and gives a spectacular halftime show.


The Patriots dug themselves into a huge hole. In the start of the third quarter, the patriots score a quick field goal, and then another later in the quarter. The fourth quarter is where it all happened. Tom Brady and the patriots are down by 19. They get two touchdowns and two, two point conversions tying the game. The Falcons score 0 once again giving the Patriots a chance to come back in the first ever Super Bowl overtime! The Patriots are praying that they win the overtime coin toss. They manage to win it and drive down the field for a come back. This is an unforgettable Super Bowl and is one of the most intense games in NFL history.



Rallied Up for Wrestling

This past winter rally was a success! This 2017 rally was to recognize Winter Sports: both girls and boys basketball, soccer, and wrestling. Speaking of wrestling…during the successful rally, students watched a match between Mr. Gibson, a prior UFC fighter, and Will Theis, a high school wrestler. After the match, both the fighters were interviewed about the intense match.

Will Theis Interview:

How was your feeling before the match?

Will: I felt a lot of butterflies in my stomach knowing that I’m going to wrestle against a previous UFC fighter and not knowing the outcome.

During the match did your feelings change?

Will: I was constantly thinking, I’m going to beat this guy.

How did you feel after the big win?

Will: I surprisingly didn’t feel anything but had pride that I beat a UFC fighter.

Awesome, congratulations on the win!

Mr. Gibson Interview:

How did you feel before the big match?

Gibson: I was confident, I thought I would put Will away pretty easy.

During the match, what were your thoughts and feelings?

Gibson: Things were going smooth in the beginning but the next thing I knew I was spinning in the air, and soon after, Will pinned me.

After the loss how did you feel?

Gibson: I felt like my pride was hurt and I was pretty embarrassed.

Well I’m sorry for the loss Mr. Gibson, but you’ll get him next time!


So, turns out, the Woodlake Tigers are much stronger than what they seem! Our 2017 rally was a success and turned out to be very entertaining! Good luck to the rest of the winter sports season and let the new spring sports have a blast and work hard!