NBA All-Star Weekend

By Jakob Bischoff

Every year the NBA’s best players come together and participate in a variety of different entertaining events. These events include the three point contest, dunk contest, and the All-Star game. The festivities this year started on Friday with the celebrity game, in which famous people are pinned against each other to show off their basketball skills. The highlight of this years celebrity game was when Jarrius Robertson, a 14 year old with liver disease, checked into the game and scored a mid range jump shot late in the fourth quarter. After the celebrity game was the Rising Stars Challenge. This event is basically an All-star game for the younger, less experienced players in the league. This year’s team World, beat team USA behind Jamal Murray’s 36 points. This concluded Friday’s events. Saturday Night started with the Skills challenge. Players had to maneuver an obstacle course while passing, shooting, and dribbling. This year it was surprisingly won by a center,  Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks. He beat Gordon Hayward in the championship after hitting a three, right before Hayward. The three point contest was the next and the best sharpshooters in the league, and were all in attendance. It ended up going into overtime after Kyrie Irving and Eric Gordon hit the same amount of threes in the championship round. In the end, Eric Godon bested Irving in overtime. The final event of the night was the Slam Dunk contest. This years Dunk contest wasn’t very exciting as many of the dunkers either could not complete the dunk, or ended up doing very uncreative slams. The bright spot in this contest was Glenn Robinson III, who won by jumping over three people and finishing with a reverse slam. The All-star game was next which is arguably one of the most anticipated events of the year. This years game was especially interesting because there was some drama. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were forced to be to the same team again for the first time since KD had left Thunder to become a Warrior. It gave many fans another reason to watch, and it was all worth it when in the 1st quarter KD dished an alley oop to Westbrook resulting in an uproar of cheers from the crowd and both teams’ benches. All in all, this years All-star weekend was memorable and worth watching

                                           Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakershi-res-9ee055d59065ed933e0591f88a537fd7_crop_north

Hee-Haw Game Time

By Alyssa Baker

For those who are unfamiliar, Donkey Basketball is an annual FFA basketball game that takes place every year. The amazing AG teachers, run a presale of tickets before the day of the game, and the top sellers get to ride donkeys. On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Woodlake FFA vs Exeter FFA had their annual donkey basketball game, taking the win at 8 to 7. The game was intense and fun. The whole night was filled with laughter and cheers as Woodlake took home the win! The game was almost sold out of tickets, and everyone enjoyed the game. Congratulations to our riders on the amazing game!

During halftime of the game, our FFA Sweetheart was crowned by last years queen, Kiara Benavides! Congratulations to Reanna Munoz for winning the crown for FFA Sweetheart last Thursday night. Good Job to the other competitors; Callie Vincent, Pia Martinez, and Edith Guijon.

Super Bowl 51

By: Dylan Mills


Super Bowl 51 was a banger! This game was played by the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. This year’s game was action packed and included the first ever overtime in Super Bowl history. In the first quarter, the game started off very slow  with each team scoring a whopping zero points. The second quarter, on the other hand, was very interesting. The Falcons put up 21 points on the board, leaving the Patriots down 21-3. Going into halftime, the Patriots were down by 18 points.


Lady Gaga takes over the stage and gives a spectacular halftime show.


The Patriots dug themselves into a huge hole. In the start of the third quarter, the patriots score a quick field goal, and then another later in the quarter. The fourth quarter is where it all happened. Tom Brady and the patriots are down by 19. They get two touchdowns and two, two point conversions tying the game. The Falcons score 0 once again giving the Patriots a chance to come back in the first ever Super Bowl overtime! The Patriots are praying that they win the overtime coin toss. They manage to win it and drive down the field for a come back. This is an unforgettable Super Bowl and is one of the most intense games in NFL history.



Rallied Up for Wrestling

This past winter rally was a success! This 2017 rally was to recognize Winter Sports: both girls and boys basketball, soccer, and wrestling. Speaking of wrestling…during the successful rally, students watched a match between Mr. Gibson, a prior UFC fighter, and Will Theis, a high school wrestler. After the match, both the fighters were interviewed about the intense match.

Will Theis Interview:

How was your feeling before the match?

Will: I felt a lot of butterflies in my stomach knowing that I’m going to wrestle against a previous UFC fighter and not knowing the outcome.

During the match did your feelings change?

Will: I was constantly thinking, I’m going to beat this guy.

How did you feel after the big win?

Will: I surprisingly didn’t feel anything but had pride that I beat a UFC fighter.

Awesome, congratulations on the win!

Mr. Gibson Interview:

How did you feel before the big match?

Gibson: I was confident, I thought I would put Will away pretty easy.

During the match, what were your thoughts and feelings?

Gibson: Things were going smooth in the beginning but the next thing I knew I was spinning in the air, and soon after, Will pinned me.

After the loss how did you feel?

Gibson: I felt like my pride was hurt and I was pretty embarrassed.

Well I’m sorry for the loss Mr. Gibson, but you’ll get him next time!


So, turns out, the Woodlake Tigers are much stronger than what they seem! Our 2017 rally was a success and turned out to be very entertaining! Good luck to the rest of the winter sports season and let the new spring sports have a blast and work hard!





Springin’ Into the Season

By: Julian Duran

      Winter, in all its essence, was a beautiful season with its fires, snow, and hot cocoa, but something new is right around the corner; Spring. Spring brings blooming flowers, the buzz of the bees, and the freshest air around. It also brings with it the Spring sports season. With Baseball, Softball, Swimming, Track, Golf and Tennis going on, it’s quite rare to find a student not involved. Athletes all come together to perfect that throw, hit the ball just right, or obtain the horrific swimmer’s tan. At Woodlake High, Spring sports have begun with games already coming their way. The swim team started swimming in January, and the team has accumulated over 20 eager swimmers in the pool. Baseball and softball both show a variety of skill levels between experts and beginners. Baseball has already taken a tough loss; however, the boys say they plan on working hard and showing their tiger stripes in the near future. Tennis has not had any matches as of today, but they have about 5 boys out there who are ready to make that backhand look perfecto! Track is always one of Woodlake’s strong suits, and although they have just begun the season, many are excited to see them bring home the gold!  Golf has its first match on Thursday, March 2nd, so best of luck to the traveling golfers. The season has only started, and yet one can already see the future outcomes based on the athletes’ high spirits and love for the sport.


Winter Sports Recap

Jordan Price & Misty Stevenson



Over Winter Break, some students slept all day and watched Netflix, others were doing homework, meanwhile our Tiger athletes were showing off their Tiger Pride as they competed in tournaments. First, the Boy’s Varsity Soccer team played two games. In these two games they went 1-1-0 beating Crauthers and tying Parlier. Sadly, the Boy’s JV took the L in both of their games. They came close with a score of 1-0 versus Parlier, and 2-0 versus Crauthers; however, we wish them luck on their upcoming games.  Even though the boys lost and won some, the Girl’s Varsity soccer team lost 4-0 against Exeter. The Girl’s JV team also was taken down by a score of 1-0, but came back and tied Parlier 0-0. Overall we didn’t win too many, but we are coming back strong and racing to take the league title and show our Tiger Pride once again!

During the course of Winter Break, both girls and boys Basketball teams had games. The boys varsity team went 1-3 in the Frank Ainley classic, which was hosted by Woodlake over winter break. They now have an overall record of 4-17 with a league record of 0-4. The boys JV team is 0-2 with a league record of 1-3. The frosh team is 1-0.

The boys basketball program is off to a rough start, but our hopes are still high. Let’s support our Tigers as they play again in the upcoming weeks.

On the other hand, girls basketball season had a slightly better start than the others. They are 5-11 overall and 0-3 in league. They went 3-1 throughout their tournament and had a great time playing. The JV girls basketball  team is 0-1 overall.ling tea

The wrestling team may be small but they are mighty! The have a league record of 3-1 and will strive to take the league championship.

The team’s may have had a rocky start, but the season is just starting! Woodlake Tiger’s are ready for a challenge so let’s go hard!

Havin a Ball’

By Julian Duran 

One of Woodlake High’s strongest aspects has always been their athletics. This fall sports season, Woodlake High showed flying colors through their girls tennis and volleyball teams. After losing league by a couple of hard fought battles with a record of 7-3, Tiger volleyball team redeemed themselves by advancing further into playoffs than most expected. The girls lost in quarterfinals to Yosemite High School, but managed to  capture a victory over Sunnyside High School with a score of 3-1, in the first round. When watching the Lady Tigers play, it was inspiring to see them leave it all on the court. Girls tennis team also did exceptionally well during this season. After many of the girls advanced through playoffs, Katie Pfaff, a junior, progressed even further by qualifying for valley finals. After a long season, Katie finished second in the valley and brought home many victories.


Jocelyn Sanchez

Q: What is your most memorable moment from the 2016 season?

A: “When Genesis Gonzalez and I dropped a sno cone on an elderly lady while attempting to cheer.”

Q: What characteristic of your team would you say is the strongest?

A: “The bond between all of us girls. Throughout the season we have had some falling outs, but after it all, we have formed a sort of sisterhood. It really helped our skillforce on the court.”

image (1).jpeg

Katie Pfaff

Q: How did your love for tennis surface?

A: “I’ve loved tennis ever since I was really little when my parents would take my brother and me out to the courts and play with us. I haven’t stopped playing or loving the game ever since!”

Q: What is your most memorable moment from the 2016 season?

A: “The entire season has been full of amazing memories but one of my favorites has to be showing up to practice on a rainy day when there were only five of us left, and Judson tells us all to get in his minivan for a ‘team meeting’, so we sat in there and laughed until the rain passed.”

Q: Describe your experience of making it all the way to valley. How did you feel afterwards?

A: “Making it to Valley was an amazing feeling! I didn’t expect to qualify, so I played without fear in my qualifying match, and it worked! I was so overwhelmed when I made it. I was overjoyed and I could tell Judson was as well, because nobody from Woodlake has made it to valley for tennis in several years. When I went to valley, I got an unfortunate draw in the bracket, so I played the defending champion and was beat easily, but it was an amazing experience. I cannot wait until next year! I was very happy and proud to represent Woodlake at such an impressive level of tennis.”

Woodlake gives the Upset

Woodlake traveled to Fowler on November 10th for the first round of the CIF Division V playoffs for football. Fowler was seeded 5 and Woodlake 12. Woodlake’s football team went into this game knowing it was going to be tough, but also knowing it was possible. A scoreless first quarter showed the Tigers it was going to be a dog fight. Woodlake was given momentum with a 43 yard touchdown pass to Henry Hagen. Their defense played a great game and did not allow the Redcats to score until the fourth quarter. A late fourth quarter touchdown by Jordan Arce sealed the game for the Tigers. Woodlake Tigers pulled off the upset, beating the Fowler Redcats 23-12. Unfortunately, the Tigers faced Sierra on November 18 and came up short with a score of 27-42. They did their best and should be proud of their hard work!img_5787

All Star Basketball: Tulare County v. Kings County

By Arthur Reynoso

On Saturday, April 9, 2016, all of the best basketball players-boys and girls-were selected from Kings and Tulare Counties for the final faceoff to determine bragging rights. In the time of building each team, Woodlake Union High School had two of its very own students represent the school and community in this game. Seniors, Karissa Castillo and Jacob Varela, were awarded spots on the teams because they were recognized as two of the best players in Tulare County. First to take the court, the girls All Star teams go head to head. After a grueling four quarters,  Tulare County made a tremendous comeback claiming victory over Kings County, 61-57. Karissa Castillo had a grand total of 10 points at the end of the night. Winning the Most Valuable Player was Madison Kast of Redwood High School. Once the girls finished pushing each other to their limits, it was time for the guys to take the court. Jacob Varela ended the night with 8 points, 9 assists and 5 steals. In the end, Kings County beat Tulare County, 110-84. Both counties had a blast playing in this year’s All Star contest.  It was a great night for all the athletes who participated in the 2016 Tulare/Kings County All Star Basketball Game.

Sports For Your Spring

By: Marin Apodaca III

In High School sports, our Woodlake Tigers baseball team hosted the Ron Robinson Tournament here in Woodlake. The Tournament was four days and schools such as: Parlier, Orange Cove, Tranquility, Farmersville and a couple more attended the tournament. Woodlake went 3-1, losing only to Parlier, which was their 1st game of the tournament.

In the college world, NCAA March Madness has been… interesting, to say the least.. Local schools such as Fresno State and CSU Bakersfield earned a spot, but only to lose in Round 1 of 64 with the following results: Fresno St. 69, Utah 80, and Oklahoma 82, and CSU Bakersfield 68. Coming down to the Final Four: Number 2 Villanova and also #2 Oklahoma will be facing off, and Number 1 North Carolina will play #10 Syracuse. The winners of these games will advance to the Championship game which will be played April 4, 2016.

In the MLB world, history was made during the break on  March 22. The Tampa Bay Rays played Cuba, in Cuba! The Rays beat Cuba 4 to 1 and the Tampa Bay Rays managed to hit the 1st Home Run in Cuba.cubaandtampabay