Sports Recap

By: Vanessa Meza


Spring sports have been in session for a few months now. Are you wondering how they’re all doing? Here’s some information to keep you updated with our players.


IMG-3935What is your favorite thing about the sport you play? My favorite thing about tennis is how thrilling and intense it can be at times during a match. Many underestimate tennis players because they think it is an easy sport but in reality it is super fun to play and it is always nice seeing new faces and making friends. Victor Leon, 10 Boys Tennis



How has swim been doing this season? This year we are 4th in league and no one has drowned yet. Pia Martinez, 12 SwimIMG-3930






What do you enjoy most about the sport you play? Once game time comes, once you step in the box, it’s competing you against the pitcher.You can’t think of your mechanics, you gotta just let your natural abilities take over. Knowing how hard the game of baseball is, knowing you can go 3 for 3 one game and strikeout four times the next makes the sport so interesting a fun. Ray Rodriguez, 11 Boys Baseball


How does it feel to have a new coaching staff? We all love the new coach and staff, they really know what they’re doing and they motivate us so much. They’ve pulled our team together, and now we’re headed in the right direction. Claudia Zacarias, 12 Softball


What has been your set goal for this season? My set goal is to beat my PR of 6 feet. Henry Hagen, 12 Track


What has been the most memorable moment this season? My most memorable moment was when I made my first par. Enrique Martinez, 12 Golf


Flashback Football

By: Andres Aguilar

Woodlake is preparing for another alumni game against Exeter. The two teams will compete on the Woodlake High School football field on March 10, 2018; this game will be a thriller! Woodlake and Exeter have had a vicious rivalry for many years now, and the tension will still be evident as the two teams take the field. Last time these teams faced off in an alumni game, Exeter won 30-17.  But this  year belongs to Woodlake.   Buy your presale tickets for $10 now from the Woodlake football team! Presale tickets and concessions will benefit Woodlake High School. Tickets will be sold at the door as well. Adults $10, kids 6 and under are free, 7-11 years old $5 at the gate. Hope to see you there.

Image result for woodlake alumni football

2018 Winter Olympics

By: Callie Vincent

Are you cheering on America in the 2018 Winter Olympics? The Olympic Games are held every four years, with the Summer and Winter Games alternating. Their creation was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. Every two years, cities around the world make bids to the International Olympic Commission to host the Olympic Games. Most Olympics games, especially the Winter Olympics, are selected on the strength of being a popular place for winter sports to occur at. The 2018 Olympics is taking place in PyeonChang, South Korea. The United States ranked #4 around the world with 9 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 6 bronze medals. With a total of 23 medals, one can say that America’s athletes are representing the country exemplary!


Gold Medalist Snowboarding: Shaun White (Men’s Halfpipe), Chloe Kim (Women’s    Halfpipe), Red Gerard (Men’s Slopestyle), Jamie Anderson (Women’s Slopestyle).

Silver Medalist Snowboarding: Jamie Anderson (Women’s Bigair).

Bronze Medalist Snowboarding: Arielle Gold (Women’s Halfpipe).

Gold Medalist Freestyle Skiing: David Wise (Men’s Halfpipe).

Silver Medalist Freestyle Skiing: Alex Ferreira (Men’s Halfpipe), Nicholas Goepper (Men’s Slopestyle).

Bronze Medalist Freestyle Skiing: Brita Sigourney (Women’s Halfpipe).

Gold Medalist Alpine Skiing: Mikaela Shiffrin (Women Giant Slalom).

Silver Medalist: Mikaela Shiffrin (Women Alpine Combined).

Bronze Medalist: Lindsey Vonn (Women Downhill).

Gold Medalist: United States (Women Team Sprint Freestyle).

Gold Medalist Curling: United States Men’s Team.

Gold Medalist Ice Hockey: United States Women’s Team.

Silver Medalist Bobsleigh: United States (Women 2-Man Competition).

Silver Medalist  Luge: Chris Mazdzer (Men Single).

Silver Medalist Short Track: John-Henry Krueger (Men 1000m).

Bronze Medalist Figure Skating: Shibutani/Shibutani.

Bronze Medalist: United States (Women Team Pursuit 6 Laps).

gettyimages-916107108_slide-944d5bcc4549c5fa00c922a806a2f68a0ef616cc-s900-c85The 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in the beautiful country of Beijing. Great job to the American athletes for representing our country to their fullest potential in South Korea. Until we meet again America!


Spring Sports Schedule

By: Callie Vincent

Girls Softball Schedule

Day Date Opponent Place Time

Friday                   Feb. 16              @Washington Union     @Washington Union   3:30 PM

Tuesday                Feb. 20              @Exeter HS                  @Exeter HS                 3:30 PM

Thursday              Feb. 22              @Dinuba HS                 @Dinuba HS               3:30 PM

Friday                   Mar.02              @Roosevelt HS              @Roosevelt HS           3:30 PM

Thursday              Mar.08               Farmersville HS             Woodlake HS              3:30 PM

Wednesday           Mar.14               Corcoran HS                  Woodlake HS              4:00 PM

Friday                   Mar.16               Granite Hills HS             Woodlake HS              4:00 PM

Wednesday           Mar. 21              @Lindsay HS                @Lindsay HS               4:00 PM

Saturday               Mar. 24    @Open Date(Fowler Tourney)    Open Date                 TBA

Monday                Mar. 26    @Open Date(Fowler Tourney)    Open Date                 TBA

Tuesday                Mar. 27    @Open Date(Fowler Tourney)    Open Date                 TBA

Wednesday           Apr.04           @Strathmore HS                  @Strathmore              4:00 PM

Friday                   Apr.06           Sierra Pacific HS                  @SPHS                      4:00 PM

Wednesday           Apr.11            @Corcoan HS                     @Corcoran HS           4:00 PM

Wednesday           Apr.18            @Granite Hills HS              @Granite Hills HS      4:00 PM

Friday                   Apr.20            Strathmore HS                   Woodlake HS               4:00 PM

Wednesday           Apr.25            @Sierra Pacific Hs              @SPHS                       4:00 PM

Friday                   Apr.27            Corcoran HS                       Woodlake HS              4:00 PM

Wednesday           May 02           @Lindsay HS                      @Lindsay HS             4:00 PM

Friday                   May 04           Granite Hills HS                   Woodlake HS             4:00 PM

Wednesday           May 09           @Strathmore HS                 @Strathmore HS          4:00 PM

Friday                   May 11           Sierra Pacific          Woodlake HS (Senior Night)    4:00 PM


Track (Boys/Girls) Schedule

Day Date Opponent Place Time

Wednesday             Feb.28          @Central Valley Christian HS   @CVC            4:00 PM

Saturday                 Mar.10          @Central Valley Christian HS   @CVC            10:00 AM

Wednesday             Mar.14          @Sierra Pacific HS                    @SPHS           2:00 PM

Friday                     Mar.16          @Redwood HS                          @RHS            2:00 PM

Friday                     Mar.23           @Exeter HS                              @EUHS          1:00 PM

Wednesday             Apr.04          @Granite Hills HS                    @Granite HS    3:30 PM

Friday                     Apr.13           @Tulare Western HS                @TWHS           2:00 PM

Wednesday             Apr.18            @Lindsay HS                          @LHS              3:30 PM

Thursday                Apr.19           @Sierra Pacific HS                    @SPHS            2:00 PM

Friday                     Apr.27           @Robert Kennedy HS       @Robert Kennedy   3:00 PM

Thursday                May 03         ESL Championships          Woodlake HS           3:30 PM

Wednesday           May 09           @Kingsburg HS                  @Kingsburg HS      4:00 PM

Friday                   June 01       @Open Date (Buchanan HS)   Open Date              3:00 PM

Saturday               June 02       @Open Date (Buchanan HS)    Open Date             3:30 PM


Swimming (Boys/Girls) Schedule

Day Date Opponent Place Time

Thursday                Feb.15                  Immanuel Schools     Woodlake HS         4:00 PM

Thursday                Feb.22                  Delano HS                 Woodlake HS         4:00 PM

Tuesday                  Feb.27                 @Dinuba HS              @Dinuba HS          4:00 PM

Thursday                Mar.01                 @Sierra Pacific HS      @SPHS                  4:00 PM

Thursday                Mar.08                 @Tulare Western HS    @TWHS               4:00 PM

Thursday                Mar.15                  Fowler HS                  Woodlake HS         4:00 PM

Thursday                Mar.22                @Mission Oak HS       @MOHS                 4:00 PM

Saturday                 Mar.24                  Delano HS                 Woodlake HS          4:00 PM

Thursday                Apr.05              @Granite Hills HS         @Granite Hills HS   4:00 PM

Thursday                Apr.12                @Lindsay HS               @Lindsay HS          4:00 PM

Thursday                Apr.19                 Strathmore HS             Woodlake HS          4:00 PM

Thursday                Apr.26                 Corcoran HS                Woodlake HS          4:00 PM

Thursday                May 03             Open Date(@Corcoran HS)   Open Date         4:30 PM


Boys Tennis Schedule

Day Date Opponent Time

Thursday                Feb.15              @Tulare Western HS   4:00 PM

Monday                  Feb.26                    Exeter HS              4:00 PM

Wednesday             Feb.28               @Granite Hills HS     4:00 PM

Thursday                Mar.01               @Orosi HS                 4:00 PM

Wednesday             Mar.07                 Sierra Pacific HS      4:00 PM

Friday                     Mar.09               @Strathmore HS        4:00 PM

Tuesday                  Mar.13                  Corcoran HS           4:00 PM

Thursday                Mar.15                 @Lindsay HS           4:00 PM

Friday                     Mar.16       @Redwood Invitational      TBA

Saturday                 Mar.17       @Redwood Invitational      TBA

Wednesday            Apr.04              @Orange Cove             4:00 PM

Thursday               Apr.05             Granite Hills HS             4:00 PM

Wednesday            Apr.11                   Orosi HS                   4:00 PM

Friday                    Apr.13              @Sierra Pacific HS        4:00 PM

Wednesday            Apr.18                Strathmore HS             4:00 PM

Friday                    Apr.20                   @Corcoran HS         4:00 PM

Tuesday                 Apr.24                    @Lindsay HS          4:00 PM

Thursday             Apr.26             @Granite HS(ESL Champ.)   9:00 AM

Friday                  Apr.27             @Granite HS(ESL Champ.)   9:00 AM   


Boys Baseball Schedule

Day Date Opponent Place Time

Tuesday                  Feb.20                  @Mission Oak HS   Woodlake                   3:30 PM

Thursday                Feb.22                   @CVC                     @CVC                     3:30 PM

Saturday                 Feb.24            @Coalinga HS                 @Immanuel HS       10:00 AM

Tuesday                  Feb.27             @Orosi HS                     @Immanuel HS        3:30 PM

Thursday                Mar.01               @Immanuel Touney    @Immanuel HS         3:30 PM

Saturday                  Mar.03              @Reedley HS               @Immanuel HS        TBA

Tuesday                  Mar.06                Caruthers HS               Woodlake                   3:30 PM

Thursday                Mar.08              Farmersville HS              Woodlake                  3:30 PM

Wednesday             Mar.14             @Corcoran HS             @Corcoran HS            4:00 PM

Friday                     Mar.16             @Granite Hills HS        @Granite HS               4:00 PM

Wednesday             Mar.21                Lindsay HS                  Woodlake                   4:00 PM

Sat-Wed.              Mar.24-28         Ron Robinson Classic       Woodlake                   TBA

Wednesday             Apr.04               Strathmore HS                Woodlake                   4:00 PM

Friday                     Apr.06              @Sierra Pacific HS        @Sierra Pacific            4:00 PM

Wednesday             Apr.11              Corcoran HS                    Woodlake                   4:00 PM

Friday                     Apr.13              @Corcoran HS                 @Corcoran HS         4:00 PM

Wednesday             Apr.18               @Lindsay HS                 @Lindsay HS            4:00 PM

Friday                     Apr.20              Lindsay HS                       Woodlake                  4:00 PM

Wednesday             Apr.25              Granite Hills HS               Woodlake                   4:00 PM

Friday                     Apr.27            @Granite Hills HS         @Granite HS                  4:00 PM

Wednesday            May 02            @Strathmore HS             @Strathmore HS            4:00 PM

Friday                    May 04            Strathmore HS                    Woodlake                    4:00 PM

Wednesday            May 09           Sierra Pacific(Senior Night) Woodlake                    4:00 PM

Friday                    May 11             @Sierra Pacific HS            @Sierra Pacific HS     4:00 PM


Golf (Boys/Girls) Schedule

Day Date Opponent Start Time

Tuesday                          Feb.27         Golden West HS @Valley Oak Golf Course       2:30 PM

Wednesday                     Mar.07        ESL Meet  @Valley Oak Golf Course                 1:00 PM

Monday                          Mar.12        ESL Meet @Valley Oak Golf Course                  2:00 PM

Monday                          Mar.19        Kerman HS @Madera Golf Course                      2:00 PM

Thursday                        Mar.22         Mission Oak HS@Tulare Golf Course                4:00 PM

Wednesday                     Apr.04         Riverdale HS @Valley Oak Golf Course             2:00 PM

Monday                       Apr.09           ESL Meet @Porterville Golf Course                2:00 PM

Wednesday                  Apr.11            Dinuba HS @Ridge Creek Golf Course          2:00 PM

Monday                       Apr.16            ESL 18 Hole Trn. @Springville                       12:00 PM

Monay                         Apr.23             ESL 18 Hole Trn. @Springville                       11:00 PM

Tuesday                 May.01   ESL Finals @Dinuba, Ridge Creek Golf Course               12:00 PM




Spring Sports

By: Robby Stevenson

As Spring sports are up and running, lets see what some of the athletes have to say about their expectations and goals this season.

This years baseball team’s  new head coach, Ryan Martinez will be taking over the Tigers with hope of a repeat of a winning season. This year the Tigers are looking forward to star returners Clayton Vincent, Jordan Price, Ray Rodriguez and Dylan Mills, who hold high standards for the season. They will also be accompanied by the JV star last year Jacob Bischoff, who is ecstatic to get on the field and play ball. Jordan Price says “We are just going to go out there and get dubs”. What a great attitude for a great season.


Track is back and better than ever with Henry Hagen coming back looking to place first in high jump and also relay runner Marcos Mendez. Henry Hagen doesn’t have much to say about this season, but when does he have much to say at all?

Softball is in between head coaches and are looking forward to this season, however, the passionate girls are hoping for a great season and to making a tight bond with their new team. Returner Pria Bun says “I’m looking forward to how close we all get during softball, we all love to dance at practice.”  Sound like Tiger softball will have a bright season. Good luck Girls!


Along with the other sports, swimming is making a comeback with many speedy returners in hopes of taking the gold at Valley. The teams relay time looks like the strongest point of this team and hold promising wins for the team. We can’t wait to see how far the Tigers get this year.IMG_7860 IMG_7822


Winter Sports Recap

By: Reyes Aguilar

Winter sports 2017-2018 is coming to a close and what a season it has been. Boys and girls soccer have had a tremendous season. Boys soccer has outplayed Strathmore and Corcoran with a final score of 1-0 on both games. The boys have won two games and have unfortunately lost two in league. They have a chance of making playoffs with a total of 3 wins within their next 7 games. The tigers have entered league with some confidence and are almost positive they’ll be prepared for playoffs. Girls soccer has had a rough season but are pulling through and have a chance on going to playoffs. With a total record of 1-2-1 in league, the girls are stepping up the game and are ready to plow through the rest of their league. Woodlake boys and girls basketball have given it their all this season but unfortunately have been overpowered in 3 games in league. They are currently seeking wins to compete in playoffs.Tiger wrestling has yet to know who will be qualifying for sectional, but have enjoyed their fun-filled trips to the coast to compete in coastal tournaments. And along the ride, winter cheer has supported Woodlake basketball and other winter sport. Cheer has given our winter teams confidence to finish every game with 100%.

Winter Olympics


By: Clayton Vincent

The Olympic Winter Games is a major International sporting event held once every four years, for sports practiced on ice and snow. The first Winter Olympics, the 1924 Winter Olympics, was held in Chamonix, France. This years`winter Olympics will be held in South Korea from February 9 to February 25. The events that will take place in this year’s Winter Olympics are alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, nordic combined, short track speed skating, skeleton, ski jumping, snowboarding, and speed skating. A total of 94 teams have qualified one athlete so far. The 2018 U.S. Olympic Team is expected to reach approximately 240 athletes. Theses athletes have been waiting and fighting for a spot on one of the U.S. teams for four years now. Hopefully team USA’s hard work pays off, and they have a successful Winter

It’s Tennis’ Time To Shine BY: Jessica Ruelas

The Tiger Tennis girls record for the season was 12 -2. They did great this year, and won first place in Area. The girls are moving on to the championships, not as a team, but as individuals. Let’s ask some the girls about their phenomenal season:

Brianna Guerra

Q:How long have you played tennis?

A: “I have played tennis for 3 years.”

Q: Do you plan on playing tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “I wouldn’t mind playing, but I’m not sure about it; however, I will definitely continue playing the sport as a hobby.”

Q; What is your favorite memory while  being on the tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory would be getting to experience a new sport, and being with girls who make cherishable memories fun.”

Vanessa Meza

Q: How long have you played tennis?

A: “I have played tennis for 3 years.

Q:Do you plan to play tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “ Most likely I will continue to play tennis, but just for fun.”

Q:What is your favorite memory of being on a tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory of being in a tennis team was when Mr. Judson ripped his pants”.

IMG_1225 (1)

Kiara Benavides

Q: How long have you played tennis ?

A: “I played tennis for 4 years.”

Q:Do you plan to play tennis after you graduate high school?

A: “ If I have the opportunity to play tennis I will, but I would rather stay focused in school.”

Q:What is your favorite memory of being on a tennis team?

A: “My favorite memory was winning our quarter final Valley game against Coalinga.”

Tiger Sports


By Robby Stevenson

Football started off the year 3-2 before starting the games of the East Sequoia League. Woodlake faced the state runner up for division 6, Strathmore. Woodlake humbly fell to the Spartans 63-14. The next week they were defeated by Corcoran in a tight game that came down to an executed field goal. The Tigers still can come back and make a run for it if they stay focused.

Girls Tennis is 12-2 and is 2nd in league. They have had a great season and they are expected to make it far in playoffs. Senior Briana Guerra says “We are doing great. We have accomplished goals that we did not last year.”

Girls Volleyball spiked their way into the playoffs this year. They are 7-2 in league and 14-14 overall. They are also Co- League Champs in the East Sequoia League tied with Strathmore.

Cross Country is third place in league, and is being led by The Senior Captain , Carlos Lucatero, and Jaime Navarro who currently has an 18 minute 5k. The girls cross country team is also in third place, and in the front of that group is Dulce Ramirez with a 23:59 5k. Coach Blanca Lucatero says, “ Racing over 3 miles may seem like an unlikely sport to many athletes who see running as a punishment, but to XC runners it is about a sense of accomplishment and personal goals toward constant improvement”.

This years Tiger athletes have made a successful run through league. With playoffs coming up, the Tigers will need support behind them so they can rally and compete. They have put much effort into their passion, along with some sweat, and likely some shredded tears. Each team will continue through the rest of league playing hard to represent Woodlake High.


Nail Biting Baseball

By Jordan Price

Tis the season for celebration and possibly sadness depending on what team you support.  In the first round of MLB Playoffs, the Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Indians, and Nationals were all eliminated. The Red Sox were defeated in four games to the Astros, and the Diamondbacks were swept in three games by the Dodgers. The 2016 World Series Runner-Ups, the Indians, fell to the American League West Champions, the Astros, in three games. The teams reached the American and National League Championship where the Dodgers beat the Cubs 4-1 to advance to the World Series. The Astros managed to win four games before the Yankees, which advanced the Astors to the World Series as well. In the first game of the World Series, the Dodgers defeated the Astros 3-1 in a close battle. In Game 2, both teams battled back and forth, but the Astros came up with the win. Game 3 was a close game, but the Astros came out with a win 3-5. In Game 4 the Dodgers took the win in a killing game of 6-2. Most viewers were not sure if they were watching the Home Run Derby or the World Series in a high scoring game of 12-12, until the 10th inning when the Astros won 13-12.  The series is not quite over, so stay tuned!