One Billion In Rising

By: Jasmine Gomez

One in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime, to bring awareness to this, a global movement was created. That global movement is now called One Billion In Rising, founded by Eve Ensler in 2012, to end rape and sexual violence. Thescreenshot_2017-02-14-18-16-14 movement took place in Visalia, California on February 14 from 4:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m where many women, men, and children gathered together to march from Garden Street Plaza down Main Street. Many of the gatherers were carrying posters for a way to speak what was on their mind. They were given beautiful red flowers as well to hand out to the strangers that they came across, and to see the joy that came across these strangers’ faces when they were given a flower was just peaceful to the eye. After the
march, a couple of people decided to sing a songs. A man was singing a song, and the main words that stuck out were, “Stop The Violence, End The Silence”, those words were deep because imagine how many girls speak up about the abuse, just imagine the one’s that don’t. The next person to sing a song was a young lady, and her voice wascreenshot_2017-02-14-18-27-51s so touching it almost made you want to cry, the words that stuck out were “I Can’t Keep Quiet, There Must Be Someone That Understands”, all over the world their are many people getting abused physically and mentally, if the people speak up about it, they can be united and won’t be divided. The One Billion In Rising was an event that opened up the community’s eyes and helped spread awareness that no one deserves to be abused.

Save the Bees!!!! By: Nikole Kimble

Specifically in North America, the honey bees alone are endangered. They are very vital for crops. Thanks to Anna Haldewang, she’s going to change this problem with her school project known as, “Plan Bee”. The honey bees are dying at an enormous rate. The Bee Drone is known as a robotic flower pollinator. It is controlled by a smart device and is designed to pollinate crops and flowers. Plan Bee has a foam core, and the body is made out of plastic to keep it light. It also has propellers so it can fly. Right now, Haldewang wants it to be used as an education tool, but in the future she hopes to have them as a marketable product. With this device, bees will not be the only ones who pollinate.