They Made It!

By Isaak Martinez

Woodlake FFA made it to the 90th FFA Nationals. They are competing head to head with the very best FFA students nationwide. This event takes place in Indiana, Indianapolis. The Food Science and Tech teams will be competing. Representing Woodlake well are classmates Rogelio Chavez, Edith Guijon, Kiara Benavides, Isabella Torres, Jasmine Paniagua, and Pia Martinez. They leave October 23rd, and will be gone almost a full week. Many long hours were dedicated to get here by the students and their driven advisors. The teams made it this far, which is an honor, so let’s hope that they bring back many trophies and awards. Also, let’s hope this was a trip of a lifetime for these well-deserving students, with many memories made that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The After School Program

The After School Program at Woodlake High School is a place where students can get extra help on their homework, and have opportunities to join extra activities such as cooking, dance, media concepts, job readiness, arts and crafts, sports, leadership, DJ 101, intro to nursing, and an ASL class. These classes are available every Monday and Wednesday/Tuesday and Thursday. The after school program is a huge help to students that need assistance in school academics in which they may be struggling with. The extra help can boost the student’s chances of not being left behind from their fellow classmates, and the after school program is full of helpful adults that are willing to provide aid to any student no matter what their struggles are.  A typical day in the After School Program consists of students signing in and retrieving their snacks, and then attending mandatory tutorials from 3:45 to 4:15. After tutorials, they can choose to go to their elective class or they can do their homework for the rest of the time until 6:00. Fridays are fun Fridays. Every Friday activity is different.  The students participate in different activities and events that are planned for these days such as board games, Xbox, WII, or even sports.

The Three Musketeers

As you notice daily, there are three lovely ladies in the front office who work hard and are dedicated each day to their job. One of these Three Musketeers includes Esther Aguilar, who is in charge of attendance, and her tasks include: signing students in and out who are tardy or need to leave for appointments. If you plan on ditching, she will catch you, so you may want to reconsider that thought. The second Musketeer is Mari, she is in charge of school’s finance department, if you need to pay for anything school related, Mari is the gal to go to. Last, but not least, is Christy Castillo, she is the office supervisor; she shows up early in the morning to make sure the school runs smoothly. She ensures there are subs for any absent teacher, takes care of registering new students, sending school records for future schools for exiting students, sends transcripts, and manages anything and everything office related. All of these wonderful ladies have given nothing, but heart and soul into making Woodlake High School run smoothly and efficiently, without a doubt, they deserve great appreciation and recognition.

Fall Destinations

By: Vanessa Meza

Having trouble figuring out where to go on a chilly October night? Maybe just a place to hangout with friends? Lucky for you there are spooky places all around. Here are just a few that you can visit throughout this month to get your fill of spooky thrill:

Hobbs Grove- located in Sanger CA, come enjoy the haunted hayride, haunted house, and the haunted forest before October ends! A new attraction this year is “The Portal”, an interactive haunted house in which you, the victim, is given a laser gun to fend off evil fiends and make your way to safety. Visit soon as prices will grow as Halloween approaches.



Vossler Farms Corn Maze- located in Visalia CA, this is the 18th year that the corn maze has been open. Try finding all 12 checkpoints as you try to maneuver your way through the maze. If you’re feeling brave, you can try their Field of Screams attraction in which a ghoul guides you through a corn maze of your worst nightmares.

vossler farms

Horror Nights at Universal- located at Universal Studios, come and enjoy all the thrills of the normal Universal Studios, but this time with the added terror of infamous horror movie villains. Come and get your socks scared off and have a great time!


Fright Fest- Six Flags Magic Mountain, come to the park and hangout with the ghouls and zombies that roam the park. Try not to get eaten as you make your way to every roller coaster, as there are monsters at every turn.

six flags

Three Rivers Roping

By: Dylan Mills and Kassidy Hildebrand

This year is the 61st annual Lions Roping in Three Rivers California. This four day event is hosted by the Three Rivers Lions Club. In 1947, The Lions Club was established by Lee Maloy and his roping friends. With a true passion for roping, and help from others in the community, they formed this annual event. Locals from Three Rivers roping and I had a blast. There was great food, drinks, and overall a great time. We saw two of our students at WHS, Clayton and Callie Vincent. They did a great job. Unfortunately they did not win but a great try. If you could not make it this year going next year would be a huge recommendation. The Three Rivers Roping is a fun time.


Spring Sports


By Robby Stevenson and Jakob Bischoff


Student athletes have been trying their hardest this Spring. Whether it be baseball and softball or track and swimming everyone is giving it their all. The seasons aren’t over yet and every team still has a chance to make a name for themselves.

Baseball has a record of 10-8 overall and is 4-3 in league. Carlos Pena is leading the team in batting average with a very respectable .347. Manny Martinez has received five wins on the mound. JV baseball is 3 and 5. Catlin Mcmains is their main pitcher. Niko Bursiaga is playing catcher and doing very well at hitting. The team is made up of primarily freshmen, but all are hardworking and determined to win.

The softball team continues to work hard, they are currently 1-15. The leading hitters, Callie Vincent and Pria Bun have accomplished the same goal; they are both home run hitters. J.V. softball is 3-4 in league, which is giving the program some hope for the future.

Swimming is second in league and they have two valley qualifiers. Mason Smith and Lauren Little have both qualified for Valley that will be held on May 12. Mason is going to Valley to compete in two events:  the 100 butterfly and 50 freestyle, while Lauren is going for 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke.