NFL Draft Stirs Controversy in 2019

By Johnathan Misquez

With the NFL Draft coming soon, it leaves many questions being thrown around the NFL. Who will be the first overall pick in the 2019 draft? What team is this year’s offseason winner? The Arizona Cardinals have the number one overall pick in the draft, which leaves the controversial question, will the Heisman winning quarterback from Oklahoma, Kyler Murray, be picked number one?

Nick Bosa (Ohio State Defensive Lineman) is one of many potential superstars that the Cardinals may be passing up on if they pick Kyler, leaving their current QB who they drafted last year 10th overall, Josh Rosen, up for trade with other teams. Rosen lead the Cardinals to a sad 3-13 record, the worst in the NFL this year. Many mock drafts say that Rosen will be traded to another team, but only time will tell with this big decision. Many blockbuster trades have been made as well this offseason, Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders, Le’veon Bell to the New York Jets, and of course Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. If there was a trophy to be handed out for best offseason team, it would have to go to the Browns. Acquiring OBJ for cheap, 2017 rushing yards leader Kareem Hunt, and trading for Oliver Vernon who can play defensive lineman and linebacker sets them up for a great season. Two years ago they went 0-16, last year they went 7-8-1, and looking at this year, Baker Mayfield, their quarterback, has a great team built around him to win the AFC North division, something that they haven’t done since 1989. The Cleveland Browns are looking like a Madden dream team.

Climate Change’s Effects on Polar Bears

By Clarissa Oseguera and Alesandra Reynoso

Since 2017, there has been issues surrounding climate change. Climate change has affected many animals including polar bears. Recently, Brandon Speck informed us that, “52 hungry polar bears go to Russia to eat their garbage instead of starving to death”(2019). Global warming has caused the ice to thin and the bears to search for more meals, making them work harder to catch their food and at times even starve to death. The reason for this is that polar ice has melted over the years so the polar bears can no longer hunt seals. Polar bears also began to eat their cubs in the late autumn and summer when seals are usually the most hunted.


Spring Super Moon

By Josefina Ramirez

As Spring awakens us in March so does the moon…  For the first time since 1981, March’s full moon arrives on the same day as the spring equinox, often known as a super moon. This time is distinct because it is the first time when the ground softens and the earthworms pop up to lure the sweet spring. A super moon occurs when the moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Super moons make the moon appear brighter and closer than usual. In 2019, there will be a second full moon which blossoms on April 19. Keep a look out for a great light in the night sky!

Lebron Misses the Playoffs!

By Brandon Renteria

When it comes to accolades the former out of high school number one draft pick is almost unrivaled. His accomplishments include four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, three NBA Finals MVP Awards, and two Olympic gold medals. Lebron has been in nine  NBA Finals. Not only that, but he’s been at the finals for seven consecutive years! Lebron James went from that kind of success to missing the playoffs entirely. The Lakers franchise is impressive itself, but the franchise hasn’t seen the playoffs since 2013. Has Lebron James ruined his greatest of all time title by joining the Lakers?

Women’s History Month

By Jhovana Reyes & Michelle Raya

Every year, March is a dedicated month for Women’s History, in which many people honor women’s contributions in American history. This celebration began in February 1980 when Jimmy Carter, who served as the 39th president of the United States, issued a presidential proclamation where he declared the first week of March as National Women’s History week. Six years later in 1986, 14 states officially declared March as National Women’s Month. However in 1987, congress passed a public law that officially proclaimed the month of March as Women’s History Month. Since then, there has been an abundance of support for this celebration including that of former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who have proclaimed March as Women’s History Month. As a result, March has not only become a month to remember equality among both men and women, but also to serve as a reminder of everything that women have endured and accomplished in the past and will continue to fight for equality in the future.

March Cancer Awareness

By Marriana Reynoso

The month of March is an awareness month for three different types of cancer. The first type of cancer is Colon Cancer. Colon cancer is a cancer of the colon or rectum, located at the digestive tract’s lower end. Colon cancer does not really affect children from the ages 0-13 years old but it starts to affect people at the age of 14-60+. The second type of cancer is Kidney Cancer. Kidney cancer is when the cancer begins in the kidneys and works their way through ones body. This cancer is very uncommon for people under the age of 45, and it mainly affects the people from ages 64 and above. The third cancer is Multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma is a cancer in the plasma cells which is very rare and mainly affects those from the ages 41 and above. The quickest type of treatment for cancer is chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

Western China sees establishment of concentration camps for Muslims

By MiLuna Aguilar

History is tragically repeating itself in the worst possible way. According to Washington Post, it has been reported that western China has concentration camps with an estimation of one million Muslims who are being tortured and brainwashed by forcing them to eat pork, shave their beards and wrenching children from their parents to reprogram them away from their faith and culture in mass orphanages. The most heartbreaking part of this catastrophe is that the crown prince from Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), said nothing when he met Chinese President Xi Jinping.  In fact, MBS supports what is being done because in return, China will support Saudi Arabia’s right to orchestrate a murder and get away with it. However, there’s been multiple groups of people who are trying to make a difference and put a stop to this madness. Turkish protesters demanded the Chinese authorities to close down the camps and to have respect for human rights along with Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hami Aksoy made a statement against the Chinese authorities. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a plan to stop the camps, yet the best way to help is to be educated on the topic and to spread the word on what is going on.

Don’t stay quiet, read about it and educate yourself.

Venezuela riots intensify as country plunges into chaos

By Magdalena Villasenor

Venezuela used to be one of the richest countries in South America. It has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, and 95% of Venezuelan exports are petroleum based. Thirty-one million people reside in Venezuela, and the nation was in a strong financial position until their president Hugo Chavez died in 2013. Chavez’ predecessor, Nicolas Maduro, has gained support because of this.

Since Chavez’ death and with Maduro now in power, oil prices have increasingly dropped. Inflation rose rapidly and continues to spiral out of control (currently at 80,000%), and people are beginning to weigh money instead of counting it. The Gross Domestic Product (the measure of a country’s wealth) has fallen 35% (sharper than the Great Depression in the U.S. economic crisis of 1929), creating food shortages, water shortages, power outages, and rampant political corruption. Infant mortality is at a shocking 20% in Venezuela. Many people have lost weight due to the food shortages and call this drastic weight loss the “Maduro diet.”  The“rabbit plan” that has become a staple of Venezuelan mockery was Maduro’s grim attempt to breed and eat bunnies to beat hunger, which failed.

Maduro has attempted to blame the U.S. for his failure in running the country, going as far as accusing the U.S. of injecting Chavez with cancer and the U.S. of sabotaging a non conventional war. Maduro has turned down humanitarian aid, and has said that it is an attempt to overthrow him as a president.

Maduro created a new supreme court, created a whole new assembly, and rewrote the constitution.  While the vote to see if this process would follow through, people protested the day of the vote and 16 people civilians were killed.  Maduro is trying to get rid of the constitution, changing it in his favor, and establishing an authoritarian rule. He has fabricated votes declaring that people voted 8 million votes when at least 1 million voted. 2,500,00 people have fled Venezuela. 500,000 have ended up in Europe and North America, 1,000,000 to Colombia, 750,000 to Peru and Ecuador, and 250,000 to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. The late president’s eyes are plastered around the country as if he is still watching over the people of Venezuela, watching over the riots.

Venezuelans have become desperate enough to dig people out of their graves and rob the dead of their jewelry.  People are attacking lawmakers themselves.  One police officer rebelled against the regime, stealing a police helicopter in order to fire bullets and grenades at the supreme court in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. 

Juan Guaido is serving as the president of the national assembly of Venezuela, he announced himself as the nations interim president. He swore himself in as of January 2019. Juan wants to help aid through and is recognized as the president by the U.S.  Oil is still being exported but still doesn’t fix Venezuela’s economic problem. People are starving, people are dying, and people are tired; it’s their country and they’re making the changes they want to see. Maduro is a dictator no longer in disguise, killing his opponents, and anyone who is against Maduro gets killed, abused, or threatened, like Stalin did to his own people, for comparison. People are making their voices heard, nearly everyday there are protests. There is hope.  But hope may not be enough for Venezuela.

MiLuna Aguilar Crowned Miss Woodlake 2019

By Emery Elder

The Miss Woodlake program is run by the Woodlake Chamber of Commerce and is a special program for the senior class girls who think they have what it takes to be the face of Woodlake.  The girls who participate in the program spend a lot of time fundraising by selling raffle tickets. Along with fundraising, they practice their talents, poise, and presence for the big night of the Miss Woodlake crowning.  This night consists of showing the community and judges who they really are by presenting themselves and their talents, and answering questions about the community and themselves. The girls are judged and given points for all of theses activities performed on that night.

This year’s Miss Woodlake program had the largest amount of participants of 11 girls:  Jocelyn Sanchez, Marcela Arambula, Emery Elder, Charlotte Lira, Alyssa Gonzalez, Lillian Ramirez, Marie Garcia, Jahaira Coa, Valeria Orozco, runner up Fabiola Soto, and Miss Woodlake 2019 – MiLuna Aguilar.  Woodlake High congratulates MiLuna on her big win!

From Woodlake to Indianapolis

By Clarissa Elias

National FFA Convention is held every year on the east coast in October. Three of Woodlake’s very own FFA members were blessed with the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis, Indiana. Alyssa Mendez, Sophomore, earned her ticket by placing first in her category in the Agriscience Fair, giving her the chance to compete at Nationals. She traveled alongside Mrs. Moran to present her SAE project to a group of judges. Alyssa was brought onto stage in front of thousands of FFA members from across the country to receive her award of being third in the nation. Congratulations Alyssa on all your hard work and dedication.

Each state is required to selected delegates to represent them at National Convention. Two Woodlake FFA members applied to take on the role and they were selected. Edith Guijon (Senior) and Rogelio Chavez (Junior) served with 50 other delegates to represent and be the voice of the member of the California FFA Association. Students who are selected as a California National Delegate are expected to travel to National FFA Convention, serve on National FFA committees, and debate National FFA issues on behalf of the California FFA membership. It is an extreme honor to be selected as a National Delegate for California. Thank you Edith and Rogelio for your dedication and service at this year’s convention.